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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Your Chance For Love

The inseparable connection between rationality and beauty is a rule for all living things. That is why we try our very best to look attrative to be desired by men. But all of us differ in natural built and looks. Some of us are slim, others are heavy. But how can one be measure for beauty and attractiveness? Do I have to be short, tall, skinny, chobby, fashionable, simple or what?

Why are men worldwide so fond of Russian ladies? I've talk to one of my male friend who have a russian girlfriend and I've learned that Russian women keep their appearance, figure and health thoroughly despite the lack of time and small income . Though there are both slim and heavy built Russian ladies, but you can seldom see uncared ones. Russian ladies learn to respect men and always try to attract their attention. Recognizing woman as a sexual object is something offensive for some and this does not take place in Russian women. They do not consider their sexual attractiveness as something humiliating or something to be ashamed of. Because this does not mean that they will to go to bed with any man. Sexuality implies pleasure, inspiration and healthy life-style. For them, beauty and sexual attractiveness should be something natural.

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