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Monday, June 28, 2010

Can't Stop My Business

I just finished one task from one of my sponsors. I am still waiting for PayU2blog's approval for my "Concealed Mind" blog. I have been wanting to post for them for so long now and I really hope I can be accepted this time.

Anyway, these are the packaging materials I bought last Saturday. I only bought few since we are moving on Sunday. I will buy some more for my stock after we moved in.

I can't stop my online business like my blogging. I have started it and it's been part of my daily living, just like my blogging. I am not making that much money but it gives me some kind of self-fulfillment. So I have to continue what I have started. Beside, it's not everyday that I am receiving orders, so it's okey. Who knows one day, I will received one, two or more orders per day...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Expenses For Myself

I bought few things for myself this week. First, I bought this expensive Herbal Medicine to my friend to help me loose weight the healthy way. I don't know what came up to my mind to accept this offer. I guess, I've seen a tremendous result from him which is quite inviting.

Yesterday, as me and my daughter were looking around the mall near our house, I saw this blouse and try it on. The sales lady was so good that she modeled me and show me how to carry this blouse with the stretchable belt. It looks great on me and my daugther encourage me to buy it, so I did.

I was suppose to buy the other blouse that I find interesting for myself but I just changed my mind. And now, I can't get that blouse off my head. I wanted to go back there and buy it. I better stop this expenses for myself. I better stop shopping around so I will have less temptation... lols..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lost Mind For Business

My brain is so lost for my business. I didn't relaized that I dont have bubble envelop anymore and some other packaging materials I need for my online business. Now I have to drop to Walmart to buy some bubble mailer and shipping boxes. I also have to drop to Dollarama to buy some packaging materials for my products.
I had some bad time processing this orders. I need to fix some listings of my Mineral Makeup Formula of my file. The color is changing so I have to make sure to write down the right color ingredients for each products. I can't wait to move to Mississauga so I can start arranging everything both for my business and family.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Task For Tomorrow

I have one task to finish from one of my sponsors. I was supposed to do this when I get home from the clinic this morning, but I was too tired so I just took a hot tub and go straight to bed. I hope I can remember to finish this task tomorrow because I have so many things to do soon as I get home from work.

I promise my kids to go to Mississauga to find the nearest Catholic School so we can get all the requirements needed for their new school. I also have to go to the bank for the certified check needed by the lawyer for our closing. I might just do some of the phone calls next week.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy For Moving While Blogging

I just finished two tasks few hours ago, before I did my regular household routine. Business is slow so I am taking the opportunity to take some good tasks from my sponsors.

I still have so many things to do for our moving so I am not sure if I can start posting and promoting the three new products that I just created about two weeks ago. My mind is full of things I need to do in preparation of our moving.

I am glad that there are no orders that will keep me from doing the things I need to do for our moving. I am also taking easy task so it won't take so much of my time. I hope I can finish everything before the end of the week.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Changing The Sitefeed URL

I try not to accept task for this blog even if I have been receiving good offers. I am trying not to loose it's PR again. I actually never thought that I can gain back it's PR and I am glad Google gave it back to me. So I want to make sure that the task that I will accept it worth the time and effort. Not only that this blog have a good PR but most of my post from this blog are being index and have been receiving qualified traffic.

However, the number of readers have decreased since I change the sitefeed URL. I changed it because I have to submit the MRSS feed type on my Google Webmaster tools to receive a specific traffic from Google. I only learned about this recently so I have no choice but to change the sitefeed url.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogging Business Work

Just took two tasks today from one of my sponsors and I have about 4 more waiting for me to grab. I might grab two to three of the tasks tomorrow since I have no orders to make. Beside, I have no good topic to post about, so it will good to share something informative on my blogs about the advertser's products and services. I will make few bucks and at the same time, give my readers something valuable to read.

With regards to my online business, my laziness is still hunting me to do some work for my business. I really think I should start getting back on my feet with regards to my business. I need to post the new products that I created and have been using for quite sometime now. It is really good quality so it is worth to share with everyone.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Business Laziness

I just finishesd the 3 orders today and I will ask hubby to ship tomorrow before he go home from work. It took me about an hour to finsih this orders because I had some confusion with listings of formula of my Golden Red Mineral Blush. But I am glad that I finally able to fix the formula.

I was about to create a picture of the Orange Soap that I made last month and the Moisturizing Lotion and Body Polish that I made last week. I also did the request of my friend to make her on yellow eyeshadow and I was suppose to take a picture to post on my webstore as well. But my laziness keeps on hunting me. I still have so many things to do at home. Oh well, I hope I will have the energy to do this next weekend.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Real Success

Yay, I have 3 orders to process and I hope I can ship it tomorrow. I am thankful for these orders but to be honest, I am not as excited as before whenever I receive this much orders. Not that I don't like to receive orders anymore, but my mind and heart it not that enthusiast for the success of my busines. As I've said, I found my success and real happiness with my family.

I just don't want to waste the time and effort that I spend to start this online business, that is why I still make sure that all orders will be process and ship in a timely manner. I also have increase the prices and I am surpirse that there are still some people who are interested to buy and try my products.

I thank God for these blessings.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BlogHopping For Traffic

I realized that I need to continously do my bloghopping as it help to boost the traffic of my webstore. The Search Engines can easily read the keywords of my webstore and is giving me a good traffic by blog hopping.

Blog hopping is one simple way to get backlinks by leaving the URL with keywords on the comment. It is not only giving your co-bloggers a good visit to establish a good online friendship, but it is also good for your blog or website.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Uninspired For New Products

I wanted and have been planing to take a picture of the batches of Orange Soap that I made about 2 weeks ago. But my laziness always hunts me. Just don't have the guts to push myself to do it so I can post it on my webstore and blog about it.

I also have a request to make a yellow Mineral Eyeshadow but, I am too unmotivated to stay in the basement and do all of it. This can be a very good promotion that will make a lot of my customers happy and to start ordering my products again.

My basement is a mess which makes me so unispired to work on new products to offer on my webstore and blogs. Maybe if we are already in our house in Mississauga, I will be more inspired to work on my products every weekend since the basement will all for my business.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ready For New Life

My business is slow but a good timing to focus on my family. But I don't have any plan to stop what I have started for this business. I just don't have plan to work hard to make it go further.

My family is my success and what I have right now is enough to prove to myself that I am good on something.

I can't wait to move to our house in Misissauga next month and I think I am ready to file a volunteer Layoff if my company will offer one this year. I am ready to start a new life.