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Thursday, March 29, 2012

At Last, Ready To Be Shipped

The sample order is now ready to be shipped. I was suppose to mail it yesterday but I have to attend to one special appointment and I went home so tired. So I thought it would be better to mail it anytime today. I will ship it together with the Mineral Foundation Sample that I want to give to my bestfriend from the Philippines and the the change of premium form of our Insurance Policy to our Insurance Broker. I forgot to ask hubby to sign the form so most probably, I will mail it this afternoon after hubby sign it.
Everyday is busy for me lately but I am hoping that sometime next month, my morning after work wont be this busy so I will have time to relax before going to bed. It is very stressful just thinking how many things I have to do every morning when I get home from work. I try my best to take it all easy and do it one day at a time. I have few more things to catch next week. Huhhhhh!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Everyday Is Busy

I was able to do the label for this one pending order even if the ink of my printer is almost gone. Thank God. I will just do my workout for today and see if I still have the energy to start processing this order. I still have some laundry to do for today. Gzzz, everyday is a busy day for me. I need to go to bed before 12 so I will see if I can do all of this.
,br> I also need to print something for our insurance but I dont think I can print it since the ink is almost gone. But I will still try.

I also need to call my laser clinic to set an appointment but I dont think I will do it today. I might do it sometime before the end of this week. I will to fix the order for my ink at best buy. I think there is a problem with the credit card I used to order the ink.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Remaining Ink For Label

Grrr the printer ink that I have is not refillable so I have to wait for the printer ink that I ordered online. This is so terribly wrong. I might email the customer and tell her that I will just double the order she made for this delayed. Or I will just try to do the label tomorrow and see if it will look okey to use the remaining ink for the label. Gzzzzz, this is just not right.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hope Works Be Done

I forgot to have the ink cartridge be refilled. I cannot make a label for this one pending order. I might go to the mall tomorrow again to have it refilled. The Ink that I ordered online won't arrive until 10 days and I need the ink to make the label for this order. I really hate my forgetfull mind. Anyway, I still have some pending things to work on this coming week. I am trying not to stress myself on finishing it all that's why I am making it one day at a time. I hope I will finish them all this week so on the following week, I can just relax when I get home from work and perhaps, scheduled for a massage.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Refund Money To Customer

I have to refund the payment of the last order because I realized that the price of the product that she ordered have increased by my supplier and I wasn't able to update the price on my webstore. The prices increase was too big and I cannot afford to lose money for this one order. I feel bad about it but what can I do? I do this business to make extra income and not to lose money. My fault for being negligent on updating the price of my products.

Oh well, I don't know when can I find the drive to be focus on my business again. I just don't want to add stress on my life anymore. I had enough during that year when my mind was so focus on starting up my online business. I look terrible during that day. My skin was full of pimple breakout because I have no time to wash my face and keep using products that are not suitable on my skin. I was so FAT because I am always in a hurry and end up eating the wrong food. I dont want to go back to that anymore so I will just do whatever I can.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back To Stressful Days

I have one pending order before I went for my 3 weeks vacation in the Philippines and I have not started procesing it. And I already have one order for this week so I have two orders to make. I am not sure when to start making this two orders since I have so many pending things to do.

Ahhh my stressful like just started. I dont want to stress myself doing everything in one day since I have to work on my full-time night shift job. I just feel so stress whenever I see my house messy and filty so I spend most of my time last week just cleaning and tiding up my house when I get home from work. And I already have some line up of things to do at home... gzzzz God help me to do this!!!