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Monday, February 28, 2011

Spend Too Much Time Cleaning

I was caught up cleaning and making my house neat for my family. So I ended up doing nothing but just the 45 minutes Hip Hop Dancing. Grrrr!!! I will probably do the two phonecalls tomorror.

I also have to go back to western union to add the married name of my friend whom I send the money for financial help. Geeee!! added work for me!!

I also wasn't able to add anything for the documentaion for my workshop.

I am still waiting for the email response of the three customers who requested the workshop. Although they paid me already, but I am just trying to be professional on this matter. I already emailed them twice about the date but still not they haven't respond. Oh well, they already paid me so I need to continue working!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tired Brain But Happy

I am done with the three opps today. My brain is tired but I just need to refresh it my doing a long workout. I will just finish updating some of my blogs and I am ready to sweat and energized my body.

I just need to load some bedsheets then do a quick clean of our house. I will be doing the paper works for the workshop one day at a time and work on it full-time starting of Wednesday, as I am on vacation leave. My boos haven't signed my vaction leave yet, but I will make a follow up tonight.

Specialty Merchandise Scam Update

It took me a while to understand what the information says about specialty merchandise corporation scam website page is all about. Then I realized that it's all about people like me who are trying to make money through selling special merchandise online.

It's really true, that many people think that making money on the internet is as easy as counting 1,2,3 and they easily felt frustrated when didn't start generating their expected amount of money after few months. And it's even worst for those who never received any money after a year or so. But we all have to realized that it's all about learning and patience to succeed.

The smc scam came from frustrated members who accuse the corporation of ripping them off, instead of helping themselves to become financially independent as the corporation promised them. One must realized that they are responsible for selling the products by learning the right wat. The corporation is only there to assist them.

This specialty merchandise corporation scam is a result of unrealistic expectations on some members.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Started Working For The Workshop

I finally started working on the papers that I will need for my workshop. I am not even halfway. I hope to finish everything before the workshop. I am still waiting for the email response of my customer about what time they will want to have the workshop on Friday. I am so excited!!

I feel a lot better now ao I did my 30 minutes kickboxing workout. I feel a lot energized after. But I still have some cold and I hope it will go away before I go to work tomorrow.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I am Brain Dead Now

I did three opportunities and I am brain dead now. I have one more task to make but my brain doesn't want to work anymore. So I will just leave it for today, and submit it tomorrow.

I have few phonecalls to make and some household chores to finish. I feel a lot better now so I hope I will be able to finsh them all today so I can start working on my workshop for next week. I am pretty excited about it. I can't wait!!

Cost Of Auto Repair

I am so happy with our new car. It's smaller than our previous car but good enough for me and my family. We are thinking of buying another car and we are still thinking if we are going to buy a brand new or used car.

I saw this Acura TL few minutes ago at Houston auto repair website. I love acura but I don't have much informations on which type will best for me and my family. This website have given me so much good informations about buying and selling cars.

I have gathered many valuable informations from this website, about maintaing old and new cars like oil change and brake job informations, which is very beneficial for people who don't have much knowledge about cars.

This car website informations will help you to get an idea, how much will it cost to repair some damage parts of your car. This way, you will know how much money you should save, or if you are being overcharge.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick But Pushing Myself To Work

I woke up early this morning, still having some headache. I took tylenol and I feel a lot better after few minutes, yet still not feeling well. I was able to do few things like calling some companies and filling up some forms.

I called my insurance to ask about claiming the exercise videos I purchase online last year. The'y're not sure if it is covered, but I submit it still- with the claim form. It is still considered as an exercise home equipment, so I hope I will be able to claim the money I spend from all the exercise videos. If they will allow the exercise videos, I might order some more videos in the following months.

I also submitted some the massage therapy expenses I had last year. I still have few more amount on my account so I still allowed to have some more massage therapy for this year.

Then I filled up the tax revenue for my online business. I should have submitted thisbefore the HST comes in, but because of some confusion on their part, I am only sending it now. It's still late though.

I didn't finish all the things I should do for today, because I am not really feeling well. I have few more phonecalls to make tomorrow. I also need to go the vehicle licensing to cancel my old car plate number, but I might just do it on Friday because I still feel sick.

I will try my best to load some dirty clothes tomorrow. I hope to have more energy by then...I need to start working on some documents and equipment that I will need for the workshop next week.... Argggg!!! Hard to be sick with this busy life.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sick But Still Working At Home

I am sick, but I am happy I am continously receiving good paying tasks from my other sponsor. But I will take them all one day at a time.

I also have a lot of assignments to finish from my newest sponsor. I was a bit tied up with so many things on my online business that made me missed submitting some assignments earlier. But I will make sure to submit them all before the given deadline.

I am not going to work tonight and perhaps, until tomorrow, so I still have time to do them all. But I will not force myself to do it all at the same time, specailly that I am having a headache and I feel so sick. I am starting to have some muscle pain. So I guess I made the right decision to call my work to notify them that I can't work tonight.

Personalized Pens and Pencils Online

I am so excited for the workshop that I will conduct with three people next week. I will be doing it on our basement because all my things are there. I will set it up nicely and make it feel more like a personalized Mineral Makeup Making Workshop.

I wish I have the time and money to have a personalized items to give to my customers. But unfortunately, I don't have enough budget at this time. But once I have another opportunity like this, I will make sure to give something as part of my marketing.

I am thinking of having a promotional pens or a personalized pencils wherein the name of my business is printed. I am also thinking of having my category products printed on each promotional item, so customers will know what my business is all about.

I saw one website the provide awesome engraved pens but they are so expensive for me right now, since I am only doing my online business on a part-time basis. Who knows someday, my business will earn enough money.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy Tuesday Morning

I was so busy soon as I get home from work. After I dropped the kids to school, I went straight to Canada Post to shipped one order. Then I went straight to our bank to withdraw some money and deposited it to our other account to pay some bills. Then I went straight to Staples Business Store to buy a big shipping box for the other order.

When I got home, I arrange the order items in the shipping box and it fit perfectly. I will just re-arrange and sealed it when I get home from work tomorrow morning. Then I will ship it after I drop the kids to school tomorrow.

I loaded some dirty white clothes right now, then I will just finish updating this blog before I do my kickboxing workout. I will fold the clean clothes I washed yesterday. Then tidy up the kitchen, before I go to bed. What I busy day!!!

My kness still hurt, so I dont think I can ran at the gym tonight.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Struggling in Processing Orders

I was so busy today since I woke up this morning because I was trying to finish the two big orders. I need to ship it tomorrow but I need to buy a bigger shipping box for the other one. I already close the other one and ready to be ship. I might run to staple tomorrow so I can ship the other one as well.

I was slacking on my online business that's why I am struggling today. I should have started it last Friday but I was too lazy.

Processing the orders need some serious focus of mind, otherwise I will forgot or make a mistake in processing them.

Oh well, at least I feel a lot better now because everything is done. All I need is to buy a bigger shipping box and it's ready to go.

Thank God for all the blessings.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Mini Altar

Thius is our mini altar at home. This is where me and my family pray before I go to work. My kids arrange the roses my hubby gave me on Valentine's day so I thought of taking a picture before it withered. Also my way to thank God for all the love and blessings that he continously pouring over me and my family.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blessings Again To Be So Thankful For

Wooot, wooot!!! I have about 4 new tasks. Thank you Lord for these blessings.

I will try my best to finish them all tonight or later tonight after I took my nap. I will be busy today because I promised my kids to pick them up for lunch and shop them at Yorkdale Mall. It's my treat to them for my bonus.

I am so happy because God is continously giving some blessings, eventhough the money I am making from the internet is only for my self vanity. I guess, he is helping me not to touch any amount from my full-time work. .. He is so good to me.

I will contact my friend in the Philippines who just had a stroke. I will send her another money for her medication.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Endless Thankfulness To God

Yepeyyy!!! I already got the payslip of the bonus. I have two new task form my one of my sponsors, and I already submited one of them. Then I have one big payout direct payment from one advertiser from my very first sponsor.

I have not logged in to my very first sponsor for quite a long time now, and I am glad that there are still some advertisers who are interested to promote their business on my blogs. I accepted the offer and I will submit it tomorrow. I am a bit tired today and I want to go to bed early.

I want to thank God for all these blessings!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Excited To Conduct The Workshop

Oh my goodness, she was trying to justify her relationship with a married man using the Bible... My goodness, this is terrible!!! Oh well, that's her life. No wonder her life is such a failure.

Anyway, I am so excited to work on the workshop that I will conduct next month. I already file a vacation leave at work so I can prepare everything. This is my first time doing it, so I am so excited.

I am thinking how and who will take the video so I can post some part of the workshop on my blogs and on my facebook. I want to show off to the world my smartness!!! hahhahaha!!! I am also thinking of selling the copy of the video on my webstore with a very good price.

I ALREADY GOT THE PAYMENT IN ADVANCE THROUGH MY PAYPAL... Everything is on my hand... I am so excited!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hypocrite Selfish Desire

I can't help thinking about these stupid person on my FB. She is such a plastic person. A hypocrite to keep posting bible verses knowing how stupid she run her life that is full of sins and selfish motives of desiring something. A sin to desire a married man.

So she is desiring to compete her life with me and hubby. Is it really necessary to have this kind of motives? Will she get something from it. Because whatever she so, she can not change her life anymore. She can never have something that she once had.. grrrr!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hoping For My Dreams To Come True

I dont know if I am dreaming, or if God can hear what my heart always wished for. Maybe God knows that what my heart unselfishly wish for, is just simply to make my dreams to come true, by letting him lead my way.

One of the reasons why I bought a house and get out of the small townhouse, so customers and shipping company will not have a hard time looking for my place. I want a basement with kitchen so this is where I can conduct my Mineral Makeup Making Workshop.

But things changed soon as we decided to purchased the house. I stopped working on reaching on my dreams to come true, and just let everything stand there in my dreams, because I decided to put my family first before my dreams. But I never stop hoping that someday, I can make it come true.

Three women are so passionate to attend my workshop. I agree, and I send them the price per head that I want for Making Mineral Makeup Workshop. If they agree to pay the price, I will file a vacation at work and prepare a personalized workshop for them. If everything goes through, I will ask anyone from my family to take a video of the workshop so I can post it on my facebook. I will be very very proud of myself if it happen.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What To Do First?

I did one assignment today and I was suppose to make another one. But I have few things to do. I need to complete this one order so I can ship it now when I go out. I also need to call my insurance agent to verify something about the car that we are going to get. Arggg!!! I dont know which one I should do first.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blessings From Blogging and Orders

I finally I received set of assignments from my newest sponsor. Thank You Lord again for another blessings. I will try to submit one of the assignment tomorrow as I will be busy processing this one big order and 2 other orders that I have to re-ship. One didn't received her order that I shipped since the last week of December and the other, I put the wrong address.

I also have to call my insurance agent for the changes she have to make for our car. I hope I can get my new car tomorrow. I will lack sleep again tomorrow for sure!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rejected For No Specific Reason

I am pissed whenever my task is being rejected after I worked hard doing the task. The rejected message will not even mention the specific reason why it was rejected. It is so annoying to recieve a copy and paste message of why it was rejected and they will let you think why it was rejected. So I just declined the offer and just delete what I have worked for. GRRRRR!!!

I did a long article and I even accepted it even if it require 4 links with a low price. I am so disappointed!!!

I just wish that they can change their system on rejecting task. They should tell their blogger the specific reason why it was rejected so no time will be wasted on both side.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Busy After Church

I didn't know that I have two tasks from my other sponsor, so I just did one which has higher payment. I have one task to do and I might do it some other day. I think the advertiser remove some of the links they require as they will look spammy. I glad to see that.

Anyway, we will go to church early today because hubby will use the car to go to his part-time job in the afternoon. We have many things to do after the church that's why he wants us to to attend the early mass.

Web Development Tools For Business

I only have few orders since I stopped working on the promotion of my webstore. Those orders that I am recieving are usually from my old customers, and some came from the organic search from big and small search engines like yahoo, msn or google and many more.

I've learned so many things about internet marketing and how powerful it is to use the proper keyword and keywords phrases on your blogs or websites, to promote any products or services on the internet. I've also learned that to make money on any kind of business, you should be ready to spend time and money to give you more than you have worked for.

If you seriously want to make money on the internet, you should learn how internet marketing work. One effective and economical way is the use of Network Marketing Software, where many business owners have converted their customers online through their own blogs, websites, and in social media. This is the better web marketing tools if you want to seriously make money on the internet.

One software that I heard to be an effective that leverage today's technologies with replicated sites, is the Empowerkit.

Empowerkit is a Web Development tools to help business owners and internet marketers to personalize their websites and integrate their social media profiles, and the compliance tools.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Controling To Lead To The Right Path

I think I had enough. I am done helping her with her stupids decisions for her life. I already gave her the dating site so everything is up to her. I've done my part to help her but she keeps thinking the other way. She is obviously jealous and I can't blame her to be bitter because her life is a mess.

God definitely don't want us to be stupid. We are only humans to make mistakes. We have to control things to lead our life to the right path. We all make mistakes and this mistakes gives us a good lesson. But if we can control things not to make mistakes, we should do it using the words of God.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Abuse Offers

I have to decline the two tasks from my other sponsor because it require too many links for a low price. I really think this kind of offers are abusive. It will create spam for my blog and for their website. Too many links is not necessary as it will be spammy.

Anyway, this week was such a busy week for me. I am so tired!! I have bunch of dirty clothes to load, and some things I need to clean in my house. But I will do that tomorrow and I hope to finish them early so I will still have the energy to shop with my kids.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy At Work And Blogging

I worked overtime yesterday and was suppose to work overtime today as welll, but I am so tired I just decided to go home to get some rest.

I have finished all the assignments and when I open my account I have one new assignment again from my newest sponsor, wooohoooo!!!

I also have some offer that I accepted from one of my sponsors. I will be waiting for the response of the advertisers and hopefull get some response soon.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you continously pouring. I really hope this will all continue to keep pouring.