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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Deleted and Add Request Again?

Funny how some people on my list delete me and then add me again. This happen more than 2 to three times with this person. I don't know why he have the guts to delete me and request to add him again... Oh my goodie!!!

So I accepted his request again only to find out that he is just trying to show off something. hahahahhaha!!!! So does it mean that, he can't stand things that I post with my life, that he thought is a sign of showing off?, so he deleted me, and now that he has something to show off, he added me so I can see it? hahahhahaha!!!

Life can never be perfect. Everyone's life has ups and down. That's life. Its how to face those ups and down is what matter. So we shouldn't care about how other people run their life, and just be happy with what we have.

So bring it on and show it off. The question is, can you handle what you see? Whether its material or not, look at yourself why you have to delete someone just because you can't handle the smile and happiness in their posts. Masama mainggit sa kapwa!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Confusion Of Acceptance

Temporary insanity, confusion and destruction on my regular daily routine is what causing all these time. I guess I finally have the answer but just having some hard time accepting it. I will try my best not to be destructed this time now that I know I shouldn't. I will continue my life as it is and be happy for what God has given me.

At least now I know, it's not a choice but something that can not be control by the mind. It was just this doubt that is keeping me out of accepting it. I was so traumatize by these prolonged believe that it was just an illusion of happiness. Continues destruction of happiness. Oh God help me get through these. Thank you for all the blessings

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Which Path

Everything is quiet around me except for what is inside me. Smiling on the outside but completely confuse from the inside. I don't know how to take everything. But something inside is trying to shout for justice; for some answers....WHY?

Something tells me it's not fair. Something tells me it's going to happen again and makes me so afraid. Something tells me, I should turn away and go on a new path. But just can't seems to figure out which path is the right path.

Is this a message from God that I have to learn something from? A change in ME?? I can't see where and how and why?

Monday, September 1, 2014

How Long?

I was viber chatting with my friend about her divorce with her husband. How she was able to cope up after 23 years of marriage. Just fall out of love due to lack of understanding, respect about each others needs.

How long do we have to stay in a relationship that is not functioning as we wanted it to be? How long do we have to shallow what we believe that is right in return of staying in a relationship?

A never ending questions that only US can answer.