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Friday, August 31, 2007

Preparing For The Trip

I used our van last night to go to work because I want to get home early....I've been busy soon as I get home from work.. Walk with my dog, tidy up the kitchen, basement and the washroom..geee.... then at 10am my dad, Kelly, Kim and I, went to Albion Mall (One block away from our house)to get an appointment for my dad's eye test. I want to get him a new reading glass. So the appointment will be tonight at 7:20pm....

Then we went straight to Costco Warehouse to buy few stuff for our trip tomorrow in Montreal... I also bought shampoo and laundry detergent.... So Here I am, just giving myself 30 mins to do this blog and I will go to bed. I have to wake up before 7pm to drive my dad to the optemetrist for his appointment... Then prepare things to bring for tomorrow's trip...I'll be blogging a lot about our trip tomorrow... Busy eyyyy!!!!....Have a nice day...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Taking The Bus

It's quite a long trip going to work. About 45 mins when taking the bus and train. Though I have a choice not to, but saving gas is one practical reason. I was late for one min. so here I am sitting in one corner waitng for the next bus. I grab my pen and mini booklet to write my thoughts. I love doing this because it release some stress and boredom.

Inside this bus, some sensitive thoughts about someone last night, keeps clinging into my head. I really hate this negative thoughts....But why?....I really want to cure this feeling of hate for her. Good thing that she is not around tonight. Tomorrow, I will face another night with her. It's hard coz I thought of her as one I can consider a friend---- I hope I am wrong obout her....wrong that it is envious, jealousy and competition that drives her to such kind of attitude towards me. Just like everybody that I know inside this cold place.

Behind this smile and laughter inside this place, is confusion and longingness for someone I can call a "friend". I thought I found one.... ahhh it will be another pretention while before is pure and simple. I guess it is really hard to find one true friend inside the workplace.....

Ahh my battle at work is done and it's the morning now.... I am going home now and I will leave all my disappointment inside this bus and start a new one tonight....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Awkward Feeling To Someone

I learned two things today;

  • Just because your car has been damaged because of your stupidity, you will dwell yourself into blame and expect people around you to understand your grumpy attitude--- That's the problem when you expect things around you to be always perfect... Life is like that. It can never be perfect.
  • When you crack a joke to someone, expect the same thing with that person. When, where and the intensity can be unexpected. So you better choose who you want to joke around with because not everybody can understand when is the best time to crack a joke to you. You'll never know what that person have been going through the last time you joke wih her too.----

I am beginning to hate someone's attitude. I promise myself that I will never joke with her anymore... So the next time she jokes with me, I will remind her that I am a person who can always take a joke so dont expect me to know when is the best time to joke with you ... It will be better for us not to joke around because she is simply unpredictable to joke with.... Gee, grumpy!!!!... I hate to be negative ... I'm trying to let myself sit with an awkward feeling but her attitude to me lately makes me think of something else that I'm not quite sure how to identify.

Bad day as usual....Not with my work coz I really did good .... It is always the people around me that gives me a bad mood.... Anyway I learn something from that and I will try my best to keep that in mind.

Monday, August 27, 2007



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Medical Attention

I had a very peaceful night at work. No petty goading nor meager thoughts and wrathful minds. How I wish my night will always be like this... just work..

Anyway today is monday and it is always my cleaning day. So after an hour of house cleaning, I woke up Kelly to bring her to the doctor for her bladder problem. Well the doctor just gave her some medication and the laboratory result will come out after about 3 days. If something serious, they will be contacting us...If we didn't hear from them, then everything is fine. And if after the medication is done and she still not feeling better, then I will have to bring her back..... I just hope things will be ok with my baby.
This the clinic that we went to... it is just about few minutes away from our house. If the findings is something serious then I will have to bring her to our family doctor. Our family doctor's clinic is quite far and we have to wait for a couple of days to get an appointment. So for an emergency, we usually go here. That's the problem we are facing here in Toronto when it comes to medical attention "WAITING".... although everything is free..... So which one is better when it comes to medical attention here or in the Philippines?....

Sunday, August 26, 2007


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Sunday Message

The mass is about renewing souls to be accepted in heaven. The question is how? It depends on how heavy the cross we are carrying and how do we carry those. Is it by cursing God or carrying it with hope and faith in our heart?

Funny but before we attend the mass,I was watching a movie "PREMONITION" starring Sandra Bullock. It is mainly about faith... That a person who dont have a strong faith in God, soul will crash down once a heavy test in life come in....

Anyway, I will go to bed now and prepare myself for another night at work. I just hope that tonight will be a quiet one and if ever some negative ambiance come into my peaceful mind, which always happens, I will try my best to put it on the positive side and learn something from it.

My Kids Friend

I went out with my kids today. We went to Scarborough to get dvd on Brimley and Sheppard. then we went straight to Lawrence and Keele vietnamese dimsum... I was annoyed by their friend's actions inside the restaurant. She was acting and saying that the food looks weird and grosh. Oh well, she is an indian and still very young. It was only lately I've noticed that she was acting negative. like last Saturday in Wonderland after the show, she shouted "booooo, you guys sucks"... I really think it is rude. I was wondering why she was acting like this. I am beginning to worry about my kids around this girl. I heard from my kids that her parents are getting a divorce but I am skeptical to believe that for now . well you know kids...Anyway I will wait and observe....