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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Fun Of Making My Products

I will prepare the two orders that I received today so I can shipped it tomorrow morning. Then I will have an appointment with my massgae therapist. I am having stiffness on my shoulder so I need my muscles to be relax.

I am so addicted to my products and being able to sell and appreciated by different people who have bought and tried it, is just an added inspiration to work and make more interesting products to sell.

I started this business mainly for the purpose of making extra income. I never thought that I will be hooked on this hobby. Funny but the earnings I made for this month just went to all the ingredients and tools of my products particularly the soaps.

Well, at least I dont have to get everything from my own pocket. Beside, the fun that I am having in creating new interesting ideas will benefit my business. Most of my orders are Mineral Makeup and now, I am getting soap orders and other skin care products.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Shallow Fight!!

They probably thought I am that stupid to talk about what was said to me by both parties!!! For what? To get involve with nonsense cold war!! I know for a fact who were just trying to save herself from such a humiliating fact that the reason why the other party get mad, it's because of her attitude of minding someone's business.

I am not on anybody's side but I am not stupid not to see who is such a liar. Who are those stupid intrigator to make a small things big. And I am not stupid to involve myself into this kind of shallow fight!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

House For My Family and Business

I think everything is set with regards to moving to new house. The seller don't want to negotiate or spend some more money with the electrical issue of the house. So I guess we will be shouldering this expenses. I have no more energy to start finding another house again. Beside, we had a very good deal on this house. Everything has been upgraded except for some electrical issues. And I don't think we can find another good deal like this on that area. Here is the photo of the house that we are moving in.

It's an old house but well kept. I am not 100% happy with the layout of the house but, it's better than those houses that we visited on that area. I wish I can buy a brand new house but I don't want to get something that I know I cannot afford.

I love the spacious parking space, and the space in the basement is good enough for my plan of accepting customers for product viewing and perhaps, a small mineral makeup making workshop. I dont have to use our main kitchen whenever I make lipstick, lotions, body butter etc... So I guess this is it!! Prayer for us until the closing date.

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Life To A New Place

Our journey in finding a new place to stay is like a whrilwind that ruined my organized daily routine. I have full laundry bin to work on for the whole week. I have unfiled documents to arrange one day at a time. My house is a little bit filty and I have not done my regular stretching since Saturday. But I am glad the our house hunting is finally over and we will move on February 16.

This moving added some workload on my daily routine. We only have few weeks to do some packing one day at a time. I have so many things to do and organized for the moving. I have to schedule for the movers, change address for the credit cards, insurances, bills etc. I actually don't know where to start all of these but to top it all, I really think we made a very good deal with the house.

I have an excellent real estate agent that was referred to me by my friend from Couples For Christ. I really think that God have guided us on this and I really hope that God will continue to guide us in starting a new life to a new place.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Buying House Yet!

The house that we are suppose to buy didn't go through because the seller don't want to give the house for the price that our real estate agent think that is fair for us. So we will have another set of house viewing tomorrow or on Sunday. Hopefully we can find a house this time.

Well, I actually have a feeling that the price of the house that we are suppose to buy is too high for it's condition. So I am glad that my feelings was supported by the decision of our agent.

Anyway, I will continue to pray for God's guidance in finding a house to stay. We may or may not stay in this house for longer period. As for me, I really don't want to keep moving to one place to another.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Guidance From God

I have two orders to ship today, then I wil go home right away and call my supplier if I can pick up my order today so I can ship the 3rd order today too. I need to ship all orders as pass as I can because I want to build good reputation for my business.

Anyway, we will make an offer for the house today and I really hope that they can still lower down the price.

I keep thinking about the lost that we will have but we have no choice because we will loose more if we will not do this now. So I'd rather loose now than loose more.

I hope God will guide us this time.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Business Plans For The Year

Finally, my business license is now in my hand and I received my first order for this year!!! I also had a call requesting for product viewing. AHHHHHH!!! everytime I receive a products viewing request, I just can't wait to move to our new house so I can prepare a small portion of our house for customer's request to view my products.

I have to start somewhere even if I am not sure if this business will be big someday. I have to focus on what I have started and keep the faith that everything is possible through hard work and perseverance. Small sales today might be big someday. I just hope that it will continue to grow this year and for the coming years.

I can't do much for now since I am thinking more on moving to a new place. But after the moving, I am definitely pushing my plan on investing some money in sending flyers and see how it goes from there. Right now, I will be saving all the money from the sales, in preparation of the flyers.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Organize and More Time

Everything is doing well as I plan my day to day busy life. Everything is well organized and I am trying my best to keep it this way. I list down all the things I need to do and include it on my daily schedule. I am not worried if I wasn't able do one task for the day, because I know I can always do that some other day.

I have put my family always first on the list. Now that everything is organized and clean, it is easier for me to maintain and have more time for other things. So next week will be a lot more easier and more time to get some rest.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Promise For 2010

I still have so many things left undone, but I am happy with all those work that I was able to do, so I guess I am ready to go to work and start a new year.

As for my New Year's Resolution, I actually don't want to call it as New Year's Resolution because everybody shouldn't wait for the New Year to change something in their life for good. But since I was able to finished many things during my 12 days holiday vacation; things that keeps me from spending more time with my personal life, I guess I am ready to keep a promise to myself to spend more time doing things for my family.

I do always spend time with my family specially with my kids, but what I am saying here is that, I always tend to put my house responsibilities on the list of my last priority which makes me feel frustrated most of the time. Responsibilities like keeping the house clean, laundry etc.,. Because of my messy Business Management, I always spend lesser time in looking after our bills which made most of my payments late. I always overlooked some over spending on our household expenses which made our family budget tight most of the time.

I always believe that, it's all about proper management. Me and my husband's income is actually above average but lately, our budget is always short. Then I realized that it's just mismanagement on my part.

Now that I was able to organized my products, documents and did a simple computer program for easier financial management, I can easily spend more time on my personal responsibilities and keep track on our monthly spending.

Anyway, just sharing few personal thoughts. I am looking forward moving to a new house this year and I hope God will guide as through.

Friday, January 1, 2010