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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Promise For 2010

I still have so many things left undone, but I am happy with all those work that I was able to do, so I guess I am ready to go to work and start a new year.

As for my New Year's Resolution, I actually don't want to call it as New Year's Resolution because everybody shouldn't wait for the New Year to change something in their life for good. But since I was able to finished many things during my 12 days holiday vacation; things that keeps me from spending more time with my personal life, I guess I am ready to keep a promise to myself to spend more time doing things for my family.

I do always spend time with my family specially with my kids, but what I am saying here is that, I always tend to put my house responsibilities on the list of my last priority which makes me feel frustrated most of the time. Responsibilities like keeping the house clean, laundry etc.,. Because of my messy Business Management, I always spend lesser time in looking after our bills which made most of my payments late. I always overlooked some over spending on our household expenses which made our family budget tight most of the time.

I always believe that, it's all about proper management. Me and my husband's income is actually above average but lately, our budget is always short. Then I realized that it's just mismanagement on my part.

Now that I was able to organized my products, documents and did a simple computer program for easier financial management, I can easily spend more time on my personal responsibilities and keep track on our monthly spending.

Anyway, just sharing few personal thoughts. I am looking forward moving to a new house this year and I hope God will guide as through.

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