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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Loss From Start

I am happy with another order I receive today. Although I am not making any profit from this, because I have to order some ingredients to my supplier and they require a minimum amount per order, but I will be using these ingredients for many times for different orders. And I also included to my order some of the things that we are using at home, so that's okey. I need to accomodate orders from my website. I believe that for a new business, there will be some loss.

Orders are coming in and I am so happy about it. I really hope that my business will continue to grow so I can someday work on this on a full-time basis. I have so many plans in my head but I can't move because I have other fulltime job. Ahhh, patience and I know God will grant my wish.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ready For The Week With Less Stress

I feel a lot better now. I have been working things out since I am absent from work for two nights. I organized my closet and my files. I need more organization for my products but it`s more organized than before. So I feel less stress and ready to face my busy working housewife`s life.

I will start my blogwalking next week. I will also start submitting my blogs and website to some live directories for maintenance. I will continously create articles on my blogs to promote each of my products. I find blog articles very effective tools in online marketing. I will be adding one to two products a week if I can to send new product update during the weekend. This also one great way to market your product.

I will continue to focus on loosing some weight before the end of the year. I haven`t walked my dog eversince we came home from our vacation in Seattle, so I will start spending time with her again next week.

My hopes and dreams are hanging. But I am so happy that my business is doing great. It`s making me smile each time I see the progress.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Broken Thoughts

I was so busy since I came home from our vacation in Seattle. I gained so much weight which made feel so depressed. I spend too much money that ruined my budget for the year, and I felt frustrated. I need to pick the little broken pieces of my thoughts and put it back on the right places.

I am starting with eating the right food and a daily exercise. Spend less and wisely to pay all the extra expenses. I hope God will forgive me and help me to build all those broken thoughts. Waaaa, I need to loose weight.!!!