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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saving Time For Organizing and Cleaning

While I am on my short vacation, I thought it would be a good opportunity to organize my house and make my life easier when my busy life starts again. So I bought this floor lamp at Walmart for less than $50.00. It's actually more than just a floor lamp since there is a small side glass table attach to it. I put it on the side of my bed and make it as my side table. I put all the things I used before I go to bed like my allergy medicine with the glass of water; my foot treatment and my lotion.
I put the old chair that use as my side table, in my washroom. I am now using it for my skincare and makeup products. I decided to do all my beauty routine in my washroom. This way it will make my room look more organize and neat. This will save me time in doing my personal routine and it will keep my room clean for the whole week.
This now how my dresser looks like. It is more clean and organize. All you can see are my perfume collection infront of the mirror. I dont have to mess it up during my busy days when putting my makeup since, I will do all my messy things in my washroom.
Ohhh this is just the room and the washroom in our basement. My hubby and I wanted to stay here in the basement instead of staying in the masterbedroom upstairs. I like it here because I work at night and sleeps during the day. It easier for me to sleep during the day because it's dark in here. That's why I always try to make it clean and organize because it's just a small room.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

You can Never Please Everyone

Funny but KARMA really exist!!! Imagine how she treated me like I care if I lost anyone to be with me... She even gave me an attitude look when I sit with her group one time... hahahah!!! She think I care???

Hey Idiot!!! I can live by myself on that place!!! I don't need anyone beside me to show and prove to anyone that I am a NICE person!!! I am there to WORK!!! .. I am not like you who pretend to be NICE... For all you know, a lot of people also don't like you and your personality

You can never please everyone

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bunch Of Crabs

My thought for today???? Hmmmm, the reason why some people are continously having some bad luck with their life, is because of their continous envious, jealous, bitter thoughts to anyone.

What is wrong with making "cleaning" as a full-time job. I am sure a lot of people do that and they are making a decent living.

I'd rather make cleaning a full-time job because I work alone and I don't have to be sorrounded with bunch of jealous people. People who think like a crab!!! Pulling each other DOWN!!! Ahhhh!!!!