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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Inspired For Dreaming Again

I was talking to the old woman on my Friday cleaning. She was telling me how her daughter started her business and how it grows through her hardwork and dedication. She now have more than 45 workers for her business. And she and her family have been doing a lot of business travelling plus, have been doing a lot of updating on her house.

This brings back my memories on how hard I work and dream big for my online business. I am sometimes having some thoughts of shutting down my webstore since I can't do it anymore with my busy life and with my new part-time cleaning business. But after hearing this story, it inspires me to dream again. Perhaps someday, I will have the guts and energy to start working hard for my business again. I know felt before and until now, that my online business have a big potential to make it big. But it takes a lot of time and energy to make it happen. I will put everything in God's hand. Who knows?

Dreaming and reaching goals can sometimes be hard if you need to put things in priority. My priority is always to give my kids all they need and perhaps, what they want. Cleaning is not a dream that will make me happy, but it gives me extra money to give my family what they are having today.