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Monday, January 31, 2011

Thankful For The Blessings Again

I am so happy to look at the Page Rank icon on my screen for this this blog. It went up from PR#3 to PR#4!!! Yeepeeeeyyy!!!.. Thanks to the big boss of the internet world for giving this blog a good rank..

Anyway, I just finished one assignment from my newest sponsor and I have one more assignment left from them. I hope to receive another set of assignment before I finished the last assignment on my dashboard.

Thank you Lord again for today's blessings.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Laziness And Feeling Sorry For Her

I just finished three assignments today. I have one order to make but GRRRRRRR, my laziness keeps hunting me again. I have few things to do tomorrow and I have to push myself to do this order so I can shift it tomorrow when I go to the bank. Otherwise, stress will cover my day tomorrow.

Stupid hubby's xgf to keep drowing herself with regrets from her pass. He can't have hubby anymore and nothing can reverse the time back. Her life is what she made it. Six years of marriage is the time people always realized that, the person you marry may not be the same person you expect him/her to be. Love and acceptance is the key!! She have too much pride and ego... I feel so sorry for her

Friday, January 28, 2011

Work To Do For Busy Days

I was busy yesterday and wasn't able to do any assignments or even do any updates and I have to go work tonight for overtime. I am just doing a quick update as this is important for all my blogs.

Tomorrow will be another busy day for me and I hope I can finish everything before I go back to work again tomorrow night. I have tons of household chores... grrrr!!!

Another Set Of Blessings

Yepeyyy..!!!! Hooorayyyy!! Another set of assignments from my newest sponsor, 3 from my other sponsor and one from the other... God is so good... Thank you Lord for today's blessings..

I submitted one of the assignments from my newest sponsor and one task from the other about few minutes ago. I am sooo blessed!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not Enough Time

Thanks for today's blessing again Lord, as I just finished one assignment today. I only have one more assignment to finished and I really hope to received some more after this one.

I should login often to one of my sponsors whom I seldom visit but always have opportunities to save. I just don't like their requirements of minimum amount to withdraw the money. I have some amount pending for withdrawal for more than 3 months already and I couldn't withdraw it because there are only few bucks I need to reach the minimum amount of payout. GRRR!!! I have neglected loging in to my account with them because of my busy schedule. But they sometimes have good opportunities that I can grab for my readers.

Ahhhh , too many things to do and remember yet time is not enough for someone who have a colorful daily life on earth.... Compare to those people who have nothing to do with their life but to snoop around other's people's life....I called these kind of people "BIG LOOSERS"...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thoughts About HER

I just finished one assignment. Thank you Lord again for today's blessing. I have two more assignments to finished but I have enough time to submit them before the deadline.

I was having some thoughts about hubby's long time x-gf. I really feel so sorry for her. I really think she is getting cookooo!!! She is nuts. Too much heartache and failures!!!.. Because she is stupid to keep looking for happiness while her happiness are already with her!!! HER CHILDREN!!!..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Preparing For Short Weekend Off

I am jumping with joy because I had one big paying assignments from one of my sponsors. And I also did one assignment as usual, from my newest and favorite sponsor. Thank you Lord again, for today's blessing.

I heard that there will be another overtime at work this weekend. This time, I will make sure to work overtime as I consider this as also a blessing. So to prepare my short weekend, I will make sure to do my daily house chores so I won't be crowded with house work during my short weekend off.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Thoughts For Family

I just woke up and ready to start my Sunday. I will be loading some more clothes. I just ate whole wheat pita with cheese and just waiting for a couple of minutes to digest it before I start my morning exercise.

We will go to church as usual to thank God for all the blessings the keeps pouring in our life; for good health and love for our family.

I want to make sure everything is organized and clean in my house before I go to bed this afternoon. Tomorrow will be another busy day for me for my family. I have bought few grocery stuffs for the food I plan to cook for the week. My days are busy, but I will make sure to spend it more for my family. Hubby is busy shovelling when he get home from work so I need to help him whenever I can.

Local Moving Quotes Online

I was just reading this one flier from one Real Estate Broker offering me to sell our house for a good price. I think we really had a good deal on this house and we can sell it now and still can make some profit from it. But thinking how hard it is to move from one house to another is just a headache. Hubby don't want us to move to another house anymore. Although he said, he wants us to grow old on this house, I always put a space at the back of my mind, that when we are really old, we will move to a smaller house only for me and him.

Moving expenses can be very expensive but on our next moving, I will make sure that I will save enough money for that. This is by gettig a Moving Estimates so I will have an idea how much do I have to save. The price for Local Movers from Long Distance Movers is different so this will give us the idea on whether we should move to a far place or a house near our present house.

We can get a free Local Moving Quotes online and this have helped a lot of family to budget their money on other moving expenses. Everything is on the internet now, you just have to make few efforts to find what you are looking for to save money.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Saturday Night Thoughts

We bought an espresso ground coffee at the grocery store and I brew it when we get home. Now I am so wide awake when I am suppose to be sleeping by now. The coffee taste so good!!!

I am glad that sister in-law finally helped me in cleaning the house. She should be doing that because they are not visitors in my house.

Anyway, I will be waiting for hubby from his part-time job so we will go to bed together. Unless I start to get sleepy. But I will probably wait for him at the coach so he will feel special. I should have been doing this for him long time ago... lols...

By the way, I have placed my FB profile where one UGLY person can see my beauty right away when she visit my blog... hahahahah!!! Camera shy siya kasi PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!!!! hahahhahaha!!!

Designer Clothing and Shoes Online

I have a wide waist so even if I lost a lot of weight, I still need to find some clothes that will not accentuate my problem areas. We were all born with imperfections and it is always important to accept that imperfections and make the most of what you have to maintain the self-esteem.

I just love looking at these bcbg designer blouse. It gives me a very good idea what to wear this summer. I just love it's sexy racerback and body-skimming fit that will surely make me feel feminine.

All their bcbg shoes makes me want to go to the mall today to find these kinds of lovely designer shoes. I wish I have the money right now to buy this but unfortunately, it's out of my budget. I will visit this website again sometime next month and see if I can buy few things for myself.

URL 2:

Giving Another Chance

I just received another set of assignments from my newest sponsor.. Weeeeee!!! I am so happy!! I am also receiving some invitations from my high scool batchmates even if I have deleted them on my facebook. I will give it another chance to socialized with some people that I have not been really closed with.

I was kinda feeling bad about isolating myself with my high school batchmates, but somehow, I felt that I did the right thing. It is useless to collaborate with their petty life competitions. I don't like hearing anything about putting someone down behind their back. Hearing envious and jealous words from eah other back. Yayyy!!

I guess these people who are inviting me again deserve my attention because they don't have that follish pride like the rest of them. Why not give it another chance?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun Being Paid Through Blogging

Wooohooo, I just finished 3 assignments from two of my sponsors and I am brain dead right now. But this extra income job that I am making through blogging is just so fun for me. I get to learn new things and find ways how to create an appropriate set of words to describe the product or services and at the same time, help promote the business.

I don't think everyone can do this. I have tried helping some fellow blogger's on how to make extra income in blogging but they just failed to do so. I guess it takes some learning and experience to be able to d it right and faster.

I am so proud of myself that I was able to do this all by myself. Only through constant reading and experiments on how to make it work for me as a blogger, who just simply love to blog.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Best Ceiling Fans Online

The Ceiling Fan in our kitchen area needs to be replaced, so I was looking on the internet to find a quality. I must admit that there are only few website the offers ceiling fans and most of them are not reputable.

So I found this Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. They were the very first company to bring ceiling fans and fireplace decor to the Internet. They've been in the business since 1976 supplying to retail customers and wholesale buyers. Their years of experience dealing with online customers from all over the world has helped them grow into one of the single largest suppliers of Ceiling Fans, lighting, and fireplace decor on the Internet.

Ceiling Fans are a great way to save money on energy bills while it adds appeal to your home. Hansen Wholeasle provides all the informations that you need to find the best ceiling fans.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogging And Online Business I am Good At

Thank You, Thank You, Lord for another set of assignments. I am so happy everytime I receive some assignments from my sponsors. Aside from the money, I feel some kind of achievement inside. I may not be happy with my full-time job, but with blogging and my online business, my life is complete even with the few bucks I am getting from it. Because from blogging and my online business, I can feel that I am good on something.

My blogging and my online business keeps my mind busy. While I know one person who have nothing worthy to do but to be paranoid knowing about what is happening to my life. I can't beleive that one person can waste her time knowing what's happening to my daily living... hahahahahha!!! ugly doods!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Posting Pictures

I hope I can post a lot of my pictures on my blogs to pissed those people in my real world everytime they visit my blog. But unfortunately, I really don't have much time to do all of these.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Skin Improvement

This is the big improvement on my skin after the 4 laser treatments. The collagen will continue to produce as days go by. However, I have to make sure to always keep my skin clean so I will have less pimple breakout. I also have to go back to the clinic once in a while for deep facial cleaning with some laser genesis treatmens to stimulate the production of collagen faster. The acne scars may not completely disappear, but the texture will improve, making it look smoother and clearer.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I am Beautiful, So What!!!

"We are all created beautiful, and I dont know why some people will be affected when I feel beautiful about myself!!! The truth is I AM REALLY BEAUTIFUL because I am happy and confident and I have so much LOVE around me. People who can't see it that way, it's because they are UGLY. They are so afraid to see people HAPPY and CONFIDENT, because they don't have it in their heart!! Bitterness makes people UGLY!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blessing For Harmony

I am soooo happy because I received a big number of assignments from my newest sponsor. This is such a blessing and I know that these are all God's gift for me. I really hope that these blessings will continue to pour.

I also have one pending task to make from my other sponsor and I will make sure to submit it tomorrow.

I am a bit busy keeping my house clean and doing the laudry as fast as I can since this is on my first list of my new years resolutions. I believe that keeping my house clean and tidy will create good harmony in my family.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Losing Weight

I am happy with the way I lose weight this time. It's healthier and I don't have to starve myself with any food that I love to eat. I am also having so much fun exercising where the time flies without feeling that I am exerting so much effort to sweat and shed extra calories.

I am so proud of myself and I really think I can maintain this for a very very long time. Infact, I want to lose more weight and I think I can do it slowly and healthier.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

For People In My Real World

I guess someone seems to be frustrated to hear me not making any compromises with her so called friend. She knows that what they did to me is unforgetable but unforgivable.

Look you people on my real world who keep on snooping on my life through my blog. I want you to know that it's not my fault if you are being hit by my writings. As I've always said, you have the choice to get out of my blog and focus your daily living on more worthy things like your family.

The more you read my blogs, the more it shows how desperate you are... You're wasting too much of your time with my life. And the shameful thing is that, you are hiding somewhere and can't admit that you are a big fan of my blog.. SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU ARE AWARE THAT YOU ARE ASHAME OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING.. hahahahahah!!!

This post is only for those people in my real world. But for those you don't know me personally, pardon me but this post is not for you.!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making My Promises

As I always promised, I was able to finished tiding up the kitchen and I am just waiting for the complete disgestion of the food that I ate, then I will have my morning exercise. Then I will have my facial deep cleaning before I take my bath.

I will update my other blogs since I still have no assignments to make from any of my sponsors. I hope that before the end of this week, I will recieve some assignments.

I am having a headache but I will still do my morning exercise and hopefully it will help to ease my stiff muscles that might be causing my headache.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feeling Bitchy Due To Lack Of Sleep

I lack sleep and it makes me feels bitchy. I feel like I want to wear more makeup this year to pissed some people who have big problems with themselves. I feel like I want to provoke their stupidity this year in my own little quiet way. hahahah!!

How stupid those people who are being affected by other people's way of living. How stupid those people who keep looking and then judging other's people life.

And there are those, who are so hypocrite to act like they like me and other people. That infact, they don't like anyone at all. Because they keep raising their eyebrows while talking behind their what they so called friends.. PLASTICCCCCC!!!

Well good for them to see and have time to look at my life online.. and make them cross and raise their eyebrows everyday... hhahahahah!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sharing The Blessings This Year

A dear friend had a stroke last Christmas and I want to send some money for financial help and I really hope that the small amount that I will send will be a help for them. How I wish that the money that I will send to her family will save her life, but only God knows when is her time.

I know I have been trying to save money for my juvederm treatment, but this year I want to share some of my blessings to some people in need, as quiet as I can. I really think that I am so blessed and I want to share some of it, in my own little way.