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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not Enough Time

Thanks for today's blessing again Lord, as I just finished one assignment today. I only have one more assignment to finished and I really hope to received some more after this one.

I should login often to one of my sponsors whom I seldom visit but always have opportunities to save. I just don't like their requirements of minimum amount to withdraw the money. I have some amount pending for withdrawal for more than 3 months already and I couldn't withdraw it because there are only few bucks I need to reach the minimum amount of payout. GRRR!!! I have neglected loging in to my account with them because of my busy schedule. But they sometimes have good opportunities that I can grab for my readers.

Ahhhh , too many things to do and remember yet time is not enough for someone who have a colorful daily life on earth.... Compare to those people who have nothing to do with their life but to snoop around other's people's life....I called these kind of people "BIG LOOSERS"...

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