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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Saturday Night Thoughts

We bought an espresso ground coffee at the grocery store and I brew it when we get home. Now I am so wide awake when I am suppose to be sleeping by now. The coffee taste so good!!!

I am glad that sister in-law finally helped me in cleaning the house. She should be doing that because they are not visitors in my house.

Anyway, I will be waiting for hubby from his part-time job so we will go to bed together. Unless I start to get sleepy. But I will probably wait for him at the coach so he will feel special. I should have been doing this for him long time ago... lols...

By the way, I have placed my FB profile where one UGLY person can see my beauty right away when she visit my blog... hahahahah!!! Camera shy siya kasi PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!PANGET!!!!!!! hahahhahaha!!!

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