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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feeling Bitchy Due To Lack Of Sleep

I lack sleep and it makes me feels bitchy. I feel like I want to wear more makeup this year to pissed some people who have big problems with themselves. I feel like I want to provoke their stupidity this year in my own little quiet way. hahahah!!

How stupid those people who are being affected by other people's way of living. How stupid those people who keep looking and then judging other's people life.

And there are those, who are so hypocrite to act like they like me and other people. That infact, they don't like anyone at all. Because they keep raising their eyebrows while talking behind their what they so called friends.. PLASTICCCCCC!!!

Well good for them to see and have time to look at my life online.. and make them cross and raise their eyebrows everyday... hhahahahah!!!

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