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Thursday, January 6, 2011

For People In My Real World

I guess someone seems to be frustrated to hear me not making any compromises with her so called friend. She knows that what they did to me is unforgetable but unforgivable.

Look you people on my real world who keep on snooping on my life through my blog. I want you to know that it's not my fault if you are being hit by my writings. As I've always said, you have the choice to get out of my blog and focus your daily living on more worthy things like your family.

The more you read my blogs, the more it shows how desperate you are... You're wasting too much of your time with my life. And the shameful thing is that, you are hiding somewhere and can't admit that you are a big fan of my blog.. SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU ARE AWARE THAT YOU ARE ASHAME OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING.. hahahahahah!!!

This post is only for those people in my real world. But for those you don't know me personally, pardon me but this post is not for you.!!!!

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