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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Giving Another Chance

I just received another set of assignments from my newest sponsor.. Weeeeee!!! I am so happy!! I am also receiving some invitations from my high scool batchmates even if I have deleted them on my facebook. I will give it another chance to socialized with some people that I have not been really closed with.

I was kinda feeling bad about isolating myself with my high school batchmates, but somehow, I felt that I did the right thing. It is useless to collaborate with their petty life competitions. I don't like hearing anything about putting someone down behind their back. Hearing envious and jealous words from eah other back. Yayyy!!

I guess these people who are inviting me again deserve my attention because they don't have that follish pride like the rest of them. Why not give it another chance?

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