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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Key In Running An Online Business

At last, I finally got my first order for this month after fixing the sitemap error of my webstore on my Google Webmaster account. And I started receiving some inquiries and some incomplete orders again. This shows how powerful Google is, when it comes to online business.

Running an online business is not as easy as counting numbers. You must learn the secret to feel the power of Google and other major search engines like yahoo and msn.

I know that the month of May will be another busy month for me. The error that I forgot to fix right away, may happen again because it is part of website maintenance to do some changes every now and then. But I really hope that next time, I will remember to fix the error right away soon as I notice the sudden slow of traffic of my website.

To all my friends, it is not Google who made the sudden slow of my business but it was my mistake to contantly check the status of my website. I forgot to remember that it is always part of having an online business to contantly check every corner of the status on my website to maintain the quality of people visiting my website.

I can't wait for another busy days processing orders here and there, and blog every details of my success. The key in running an online business is BRAIN!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Paypal Money For My Online Shopping

At last, the traffic of my webstore are starting to go up. I am starting to receive inquiries and subscription after I resubmited the sitemap of my webstore to my Google account.

I am not getting any order yet but I hope that next month, I will receive orders and I can start saving money on my paypal for my online shopping spree.

I am too lazy to take any task from my sponsors but I will try my best to grab at least 2 to 3 for this week, so I have money to save on my other paypal account for my online shopping.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Created and Submitted The New Sitemap

Finally, I have created and submitted the new sitemap of my webstore on my Google Webmaster Tools. It will now be index and perhaps, I will start getting orders soon. So I better prepare myself now.

I just hope that my traffic and sales will start to go back to normal. I was so bothered for having too low traffic and of course, for not getting any order for three weeks now. I actually didn't have any sales for this month and I am so stupid not to remember that I might be having some errors on my sitemap because I changed so many url of my pages. The indexing might take another couple of days so I have time to prepare.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sitemap URL on Google Webmaster Tools

I finally found out the reason behind the sudden slow down of the traffic and sales of my webstore. I was so stupid not to remember to check it out again because this already happened before.

The sitemap url of my webstore on my Google Webmaster Tools account have an error. This is because I changed some of the product's pages url to the new custom url that my store provider created. I thought of changing it because the word of each products is more visible or readable on the URL.

I have requested the support to help me create a new sitemap url to upload it on my Google Account. Geeeee!!! After I resolved this issue, I will prepare myself for another batches of orders.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lazy Weekend For Blogging

I am so freaking lazy to update any of my blogs including my website. I am trying but I really feel so uninspired.

The traffic of my webstore is starting to pick up. But I still don't have any sales so I am taking task whenever I have the chance so I have money coming in my paypal for my online shopping spree.

I will try my best to update my webstore so I can have something to blog about on my relevant content blogs including my soap blog.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Relaxing For The Slow Traffic

I didn't go to work last night because of my headache and this is a good opportunity to update my blogs and webstore, but I am too lazy to do anything. However, I was able to take one task from one of my advertiser and I am trying to take another one but my laziness keeps on hunting me .. lols..

The traffic of my website is improving. It was probably just the Search Engine's confusion because of some changes I made on most of my major pages. I really hope that it will continue to improve.

I also learned from my fellow online merchants that it is really slow for this month. I just have to get used to the fact that, every month will be different from the other. That's how business goes.

For the meantime, I need to relax and take the opportunity to concentrate on my blogging routine. I might submit my blogs and website to about 2 to 3 directories later on. I hope that I will not be lazy to do it.. lols.. Have a great day to all

Monday, April 12, 2010

Money For My Online Shopping

It is still pretty slow for my online business. I am starting to get worried when looking at the number of traffic. But I am still hanging on as it might just be for a while.

I am waiting for some payment on my paypal account from my sponsor because I want to buy something on the internet. I only use the money I make online whenever I do some online shopping. That's why I always make sure that if I don't have any sales, at least I have saved some from my blogging on my other paypal account for my online shopping.

Well I hope that this sudden slow for my online business will go back to it's normal business soon. It's kinda annoying to receive zero sale for a week.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pre-employment Screening For Safe Business

I am so happy with the progress of my business. I have a strong feeling that someday, I will be needing someone to help me run my business aside from my family. This means that I will need to hire an employee to do some work for me. That's why at this point in time, I am already searching for important information on how take the right steps as an employer hiring an employee.

If I hire someone to help me run my business, I will need someone I can trust. I can only achieve this sense of security by conducting pre-employment background checks. I also need to learn how to go about employee screening or pre-employment screening to know the right person for the job. I can either learn to do it by myself or hire a company that is an expert on in this area.

Reliable and experienced, as icbackgrounds.com is in their ability to go beyond simple strategies to exactly what I might need. Beyond, the police criminal checks or resume reference checks, this site helps those of us growing a business to learn more about what we need. By reading their website, I also realized that a drug screening test is another important factor to consider when hiring someone. Every company needs to be secure with their staff. Every company needs to utilize this type of screening.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Business In Blogging and Ecommerce Website

I was so tired yesterday that I wasn't able to grab the task that was offered to me by my favorite sponsor. When I try to take the task few minutes ago, it wasn't available anymore, and I need to wait for the availability again. Sigh!!!!

I still don't have any order. I am using the new version on my store provider again and traffic seems to improved. However the wide look of my webstore template when using Internet Explorer browser is still there while it looks fine when using Mozilla Firefox browser. I have submitted the complain already and I hope that the problem will be resolve soon. For the meantime, I will deal with the wide look of my website and see how the traffic of my webstore rise.

This is how my wesbtore look using Internet Explorer browser;

And this is how my webstore look using Mozilla Firefox browser;

When I revert it back from the old version to bring back the normal look of my website in Internet Explorer, the traffic and my sales was affected. So I have to use the new version and deal with the wide look of my template in Internet Explorer. I've seen some improvement on my traffic after putting back the new version so I guess, I will just wait until my webstore provider resolve the issue on the template design when using the Internet Explorer.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chance For Sudden Slow Business

I just took some task from my favorite sponsor. I hope that my post will be approve by the advertiser.

It is still slow for my online business so I am taking the chance to spend time with my blogging. It was also a good timing for this sudden slow business, because my brother and his family are here that I need to help in familiarizing them as a new immigrant of Canada.

Tomorrow, I will take them to downtown Toronto to teach them how to take the bus to get around in Toronto.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Online Shopping for Window Flower Boxes

My brother and his family are now here with us and my small townhouse is now crowded with two families. I am so happy to be with my brother staying with us. I just only wish that we have already moved to the house that we purchased in Mississauga. But unfortunately, we are still waiting for the respond from our sales agent. I am waiting only up to this week and we still can't move, then we have no choice but to find another house.

I have been planning to buy different indoor and outdoor decor for the house in Mississauga like these window flower boxes. But All I can do right now is look around because I don't want to buy anything until we have moved.

I have been looking on this website and I just love all their window flower boxes. WindowboxPlanters.com is the best source for window boxes of every size, finish, style, and material. They provide fee shipping on all window boxes, they have huge selection of different styles, they have a lot of knowledge and help filled product pages, they have expert customer service to assist you, low price protection, exclusive products, they are an Organization who stands behind their products and services

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Page Rank Round For My Blogs

Yepeyyy, I am happy with the Page Rank that was given to most of my blogs.

  • This blog, my "Raptured Dreams" and "Array Of Hopes" remain it's PR#3
  • My "Celebrity Entertainment Matters" remain it's PR#2
  • "Concealed Mind" from PR#1 to PR#2
  • "Embracing Health For Life"- from PR#2 to PR# 3

My 2 new blogs

  • "Natural Soap Making Supplies" from PR#0 to PR#1
  • "Custom Print Design"- from PR#0 to PR#1

I am not so please with the dropped Page Rank of my "Blogger's Recollections" from PR#3 to N/A and the remaining Page Rank #0 of my "Health, Fitness, Science and More", but I am hoping that on the next round, these two blogs will received the Page Rank that it deserved.

To top it all, I am happy with the value that was given to all of my blogs. Thanks Google!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blogging For Money With My Sponsors

I took 2 tasks from one of my sponsors today. I find the tasks very interesting so I grab it right away and post it on my two blogs. I still have many pending tasks from my sponsors but I can only take few tasks per week, because I don't want any of my blogs to look like an advertisement blogs.

For those who are skeptical to believe that bloggers can make extra income in blogging, here are some of my sponsors.

This is where I usually take task lately, as they provide me a lot of good products and services to advertise on my blogs.

They are offering me a lot of tasks lately, since this blog's PR jump up to PR#3 again. The prices per task is very competitive but I don't take any of the offer because they still have not approve my other blogs even it has a good PR. I also find their system time consuming.

This is where I got my very first task and I learn so much since then. But I find their system time consuming too. I have to bid for the task and wait for the advertiser to approve the bid. So I don't do much business with them lately but my blogs are all active still.

Ahhh this is where I used to earn a lot of money in blogging that I thought of quiting my job. But since the economic crisis, my income from them went down to zero. This is their new website with lesser tasks and require a minimum amount before I can withdraw my money.

Their website is so freaking slow. The prices per task is so low too, so I have only taken 2 tasks from them so far. But this is where I advertise my webstore since they have cheaper price per task. However, most of their blogges are amatuers. Well what do you expect for something cheaper than the rest. I am hoping that they will improve their system someday for their bloggers and advertiser.

. My favorite sponsor of all because their link require rel="nofollow" which makes each post Search Engine friendly. However, the opportunities are very limited and they also require a minimum amount payout before I can withdraw my money. But whenever I receive any task notification from them, I always make sure to grab it as fast as I can so I won't loose it.

This is the newest of all my sponsor. I love their system too since it's the same as SocialSparks. Their required link is Search Engine friendly but they have lesser task and require minimum amount payout. I am hoping to receive more offers from them soon.

And of course, the easiet but most challenging way to make money by blogging with Google Adsense as one of my biggest sponsor. It require knowledge and experience in Search Engine Optmization to be able to make money from them. But once you get the proper way, it will be the easiest of all. It doesn't require any time limit to grab some task or any link at all. You simply create articles that contain proper keywords to trigger clicks on the ads and you will be paid.

I have other sponsors but these are the sponsors where I usually take task if I have the time. So this blogging for extra income is real and not just an illusion. However, only smart people can make money from this. hahahahah!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Updating Blog For PPC

I finally update my Custom Print Design Blog after one month. I feel bad whenever I am not updating even at least one post a week on any of my blog.

I created this blog to share my love and passion in digital print designing and at the same time, for my experiment on how it will work on Pay Per Click system using the proper placement of keywords and keywords phrases, from it's blog tittle, Url, description and the content on each of my post.

After about more than a month of publishing this blog, it already received some qualified clicks on my Google Adsense. However, since I have not updated it for more than one month, I stop receiving clicks and trafiic from this blog.

I published this together with my Soap Blog, and my Soap blog have been receiving clicks and traffic because of the proper use of Search Engine Optimization with the right keywords and keywords phrases from it's Title, URL, Description and regular update of relevant contents.

Now that I am receiving payment from Google Adsense directly on my online bank account, I am determine to spend time to keep updating my Print design blog at least 1 to 2 times a week, to speed up the time in reaching the minimum amount payment of Google Adsense.

I just love applying everything that I have been learning about different ways in making money online. I can feel some self-fulfillment everytime I see the success of what I did.

How about you? What's keeping your mind busy that is giving you some self-fulfillment aside from your family? Life is so beautiful and God has given us all the worderful things and we should learn how to make our living worth every minute. Don't waste your spare time snooping around other people's life. Do something worthy!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Order With Personal Use

I picked up my order from my supplier's warehouse this morning. Then I went to Fortinos to buy some fruits for me and my family. Then had I lunch with my kids. And now here I am, sharing my day on this blog. Here is the image of the items that I picked up from my supplier's warehouse.
These are 10 packs to 10 Palm Tealight Candle, Carscenter Oil diffuser and 10 bottles for my skin care products. My customer ordered 3 packs of 10 Palm Tealight Candles and the Carscenter Oil Diffuser and the rest are for my personal use and stock.

The price of these order are already paid by my customer through my paypal directly from my webstore. Meaning, I didn't spend a single cent from my own pocket to buy all of these, because that order were already paid before I process the order. No payment, no order to process...

I may not have any profit to keep on my pocket from this small order but, I have invested the rest for my own personal use and the bottles for the next order of my skin care products. And yet, no money came out from my pocket and I am so SMART!!! hehehhehehehe!!!

I am happy because this order is from another new customer who own a beauty salon nearby. She will pick up her order so I don't have to worry about packing it nicely and driving to the post office to ship the order.

This is a very good business for someone who have another full-time job and who don't have enough money to start a business. You will only have to buy the ingredients that you need, when the payment have been confirmed. However, you need to be intelligent like me..heheheheheheh!!!