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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Absence At The Service

We were not able to attend the CFFL service again tonight because I have to drop my kids to their friends house for trick or treating. I dont want them to go there walking so we have no choice but to be absent again to the service tonight. I hope God will understand our situation.

I feel so lazy to do anything today. I feel so tired and I really want my body to rest all day. I will just do my household chores tomorrow. I hope to finish it all before the church.

But I am glad that I was able to create one color for lipgloss today. I will try to create 5 more colors next week and hopefully to be able to post it after, on my webstore. I love my business, I wish I have the energy to do everything I have in mind. But my body is so tired during the weekend. Ahhhhh!! I wonder when will it happen?

Homemade Business Brochures, Catalog, Calendars, Greeting Cards and more

I have been wanting to create a website that offers different Business Paper solutions like business brochures, business catalog, business or personal business calendars, business or personal greeting cards and more. This are the things that my heart desires to do all day. It's my frustrations right now, but I know someday or sooner, I will be able to do this on fulltime basis.

I might be creating a blog about the Business Papers solutions sometime next year and see how it goes through blogging. I might offer these stuff for my wholesalers, resellers and dropshippers from my webstore for a very affordable price. So the design should compliment the tyoe of products that I have on my webstore. Visit me All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my products.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Updating Multiple Blogs

I have created few draft articles to be automatically publish within the week. I wanted to save time in regualrly updating my blogs because I noticed that Google also punished blogs that are not regularly updated.

It's not easy to manage multiple blogs but it's the best and cheaper way to promote my products. It is also a good source of extra income whenever I don't have orders for my products.

Google Adsense also help in giving me extra income by simply putting the code on each of my blogs. I simply optimized my blog and focus on creating relevant contents to receive few clicks everyday. I just hope that my Google Adsense income will improve this time, now that I am focusing on regularly updating all my blogs.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Service To God

I had a terrible headache this morning. So I went to bed at 7am and forgot to set my alarm clock. Nobody woke me up so we can attend the 11am Sunday Mass. Geee!! I feel so guilty not going to church today because we didn't attend the mass last Sunday as well. I was the only one who is encouraging everyone inside this house to attend the mass every Sunday, while hubby is the one who encourage us to attend our Saturday CFFL service.

I think this is both important to do during the weekend for God. It's hard to do both regularly, because of our busy life. We always miss one each week and most of time, our commitment to attend the Sunday Mass is suffering. Because we are both exhausted during the Saturday night service. We are trying hard and I hope God will give us more strenght to do it both, regularly.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Small Way To Serve God

I am too lazy to do my new soaps today. I am also suppose to create new colors for my eyeshadow but my laziness keeps on hunting me. I am not sure if I can do this but I will try my best.

Somebody is inviting us for dinner tonight but we have to attend to our weekend service in CFFL. My kids are willing to attend the dinner that we were invited to but I dont know if hubby will want us to skip the regular Saturday service. I know that attending the Satuday night service is much more important because this is our only way to serve God in a very small amount. I hope my friend will understand if we cannot attend her dinner tonight.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Short Budget

I am supposed to order some supply I will use for soap making and mineral makeup. But our budget is short this week so I have to withdraw all the money I made both from my blogging and my webstore.

Some of the remaining expenses we spend on our vacation in Seattle came in on our bills. And I am very thankful that the money I made from the internet help us in paying those bills.

I will just wait until I save another money from blogging and selling my products so I can buy those supplies I need. I know God will help me on this soon.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sharing With God

It feel so good to be able to share at least few of our blessings with some people on our CFL community. We cooked spaghetti and my daughter Kimberly cooked one tray of cookies. This is our only way to share some blessings.

I know that there are many struggles in our life, but God is so great to us. He never leave us in times of troubles. I may have some shortcomings with him, but still he is always there for us. I really hope that we will always have the time to do all the things that we can share in his name.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Join Kitchen Makeover Contest

We are having some problem with our stove. The cake that my daughter baked yesterday, was not cooked at the bottom. Funny but the stove is only about 2 years old and we are already thinking of replacing it. I am so busy to shop around to look for a good quality stove, so I thought to shop on the internet for a good quality stove for us.

As I was shopping around on the internet, this website about Kitchen Makeover Contest caught my attention. Because aside from the stove, our kitchen is old and need some renovation. It would be nice to have a Kitchen Makeover for free.

Here is how to win;

Enter for the chance to WIN a $20,000 Kitchen Makeover, simply pick up a PIN from specially marked packages of Casa di Mama Pizza. The grand-prize winner will get a kitchen makeover with Dr. Oetker Casa di Mama.

Plus, eight secondary winners will scoop up one of the following Whirpool appliances: a fridge/freezer, freestanding electric range, dishwasher or microwave.... while an additional 2,000 people will instantly win a Casa di Mama Pizza or a pizza cutter.

Contest available to Canadians only

Contest ends January 4, 2010

If I win this contest, I will invite some of my friends for a party to show off my new kitchen. I am also thinking of having a Christmas party with my friends and family. So join me and sign up with Dr. Oetker Kitchen Makeover Contest. Goodluck!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy With The Progress

I can't wait to offer my soaps of different scents. I will combine the scent with my body butter and body creams. I am still thinking if I can create a bubblebath with the same scent as my soap for combinnation, as well as my shampoo and conditoner. I hope can do this before x-mas buying season as my X-mas gift items.

I am so happy with the progress of my online business. Everyday I am receiving inquiries and subscription. The number of orders are improving. I really wish that this will continue to grow until I reach my goal.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sharing My Blessings

Me and hubby prepared some foods and drinks for the CFL meeting. Good thing that we decided to prepare two big servings of food. I am so glad that the food were not short for everyone.

It feel so good to be able to share some blessings. This my only way to share my blessings with my small success on my ecommerce endeavor. I just wish I can have more time and perhaps money to share, but I can only share what we have for a moment. I know sooner, I will have more to share. Not only financially, but time wise.

My business is continously recieving orders. Some customers who ordered the free samples are coming back to order for larger batches. It feel so good to be able to offer something beneficial for everyone. I feel so glad to know that there are people who were pleased with the quality of products that I personally created. This inspire me create more products that I know will be beneficial to a lot of people with a very competitive price.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Can See My Dreams

Yepeey, I have another order and the number of orders each week is increasing. Even if the orders I am receiving are sample orders, I am happy because most of the people who ordered the samples keeps coming back for larger order. I really hope and pray that this is already the start of what I have been waiting for.

God is so good. He is always there to show me how to reach my goal. There are so many ups and down but after those hard work and sincere prayers, I can already see and feel the result. And I will continue to work hard so my business will make all my plans and dreams to come true.