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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Absence At The Service

We were not able to attend the CFFL service again tonight because I have to drop my kids to their friends house for trick or treating. I dont want them to go there walking so we have no choice but to be absent again to the service tonight. I hope God will understand our situation.

I feel so lazy to do anything today. I feel so tired and I really want my body to rest all day. I will just do my household chores tomorrow. I hope to finish it all before the church.

But I am glad that I was able to create one color for lipgloss today. I will try to create 5 more colors next week and hopefully to be able to post it after, on my webstore. I love my business, I wish I have the energy to do everything I have in mind. But my body is so tired during the weekend. Ahhhhh!! I wonder when will it happen?

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