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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Service To God

I had a terrible headache this morning. So I went to bed at 7am and forgot to set my alarm clock. Nobody woke me up so we can attend the 11am Sunday Mass. Geee!! I feel so guilty not going to church today because we didn't attend the mass last Sunday as well. I was the only one who is encouraging everyone inside this house to attend the mass every Sunday, while hubby is the one who encourage us to attend our Saturday CFFL service.

I think this is both important to do during the weekend for God. It's hard to do both regularly, because of our busy life. We always miss one each week and most of time, our commitment to attend the Sunday Mass is suffering. Because we are both exhausted during the Saturday night service. We are trying hard and I hope God will give us more strenght to do it both, regularly.

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