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Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcoming The New Year

I finished paying all the remaining bills that I need to pay, so I will welcome the New Year with out any pending bills to pay.

I also shipped the two orders, so I will welcome the New Year without any pending orderd to shipped for my online business.

I also finished all the pending assignments and tasks, so I will welcome the New Year without any pending assignments to submit for my blogging.

I also clean the entire house, so I will welcome the New Year with a clean house.

And now, I am ready to take a bath, so I will welcome the New Year with a fresh and clean ME!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling Sorry For Her Guilt

Her postings just seems to show all her guilt on her past and I really feel sorry for her. I think she had enough misfortune and I really thik God have forgiven her already. She just need to accept everything that had happened to her life including her present life, to set herself free from pain and suffering.

She need to start enjoying the remaining life she have on earth, spend it to the most worthy things on earth which is serving God. Have faith and God will listen to what her heart wants.

I really think that finding a man si not the answer to happiness but it can make her life complete only to the eyes of people on earth. She must love herself and the life that was given to her, to be able to find happiness.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hating The Passion Of Games

I am starting to feel this stupid feeling. I just hate that chronic time for games. As if nothing and noone in this world but that stupid games. It's boring and annoying!! And I really hate it.

That games give stupid lost of temper due to nonsense passion to finish it. That games brings evil in this life and find ways to be irresponsible in daily living. This game find ways to loose the sense of direction and leave a selfish life alone. I really hate it and I don't know when this game will end so his mind will start to open up and see the real world again. I JUST HATE IT!!

I am trying not to react and stay calm, as this will create a childish reaction from me again. But I really hate it..

Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Stupid Snooper

It seems like she can read my blogs that's why I started seeing her profile again. I don't know if it is just a coincidence, but it really seems like she is snooping around my blogs too. I thought I might be wrong because she is one stupid person in computer, but it just pretty seems like.

Well if she does, then who cares. I DONT CARE!! This kind of people are sick and should seek help. My blogging is my thing and I make money from it, not to mention that I am having so much fun doing it. So it's their problem to read something that they may not like. Not my problem to be stress!!! jajajajaj!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Unbelievable Dream

She is so stupid to believe that someday they will be together. I really think they won't, and if they do, then good for her. She needs to go on a diet to be like and love. It doesn't matter if she is already old but we all need to take care of ourself and try to look our best in our own way.

The guy is in USA for God sake, and there are so many likable ladies out there that can capture his heart. Why the hell he will get someone old from far away. He needs to sponsor her and it will take a lot of time, paper works and money to get her, not to mention that she have two kids to consider.. Geeee!! Who the hell she think she is? A Princess? lols... She should wake up on this unbelievable dream and find someone who is more realistic.. lols... Well I hope her dream will come true!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Burial Insurance Online

Hubby and I are not getting any younger. Few more years and our twins will be in college and when they do, we will be the only one who will be left at home. Just thinking about it makes me so sad.

I don't want to be a burden with my children when we get old, that's why I am always looking for a cheap insurance that will cover some medical expenses and of course, the burial cost.

I saw this BurialInsurance.org where Funeral service, Cemetery plot and headstone, Cost of casket, funeral procession, and other Miscellaneous costs are included.

You can access funeral insurance policies through their website or you can request so you can learn their policies before you purchase.

You can also visit Metlife.com if you want other type of life insurance like the term life insurance. You can get a Life Insurance Quote instantly through this website. Proveide your family the security and to avoid leaving them debt behind.

Working Out During Holiday

I did another assignment few minutes ago and I have one more assignment to finish and hopefully to finish it today. I am also hoping that I will still recive more assignments before the end of the year to add it up on my budget.

I still have not looked on our budget to see if we can afford to buy a treadmill. I am having a second thought on buying one, because I can do my regular exercise using all my exrcise DVD and have fun doing it inside my own home. Treadmill is just for short workout to save me time whenever I have not much time to do long workout. Beside, I can use the treadmill at work's gym anytime for free

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Annoyed To Do My Regular Morning Routine

I have one big order to process and hopefully to ship it soon. I am a bit unmotivated to do my regular routine every morning because hubby is here. I feel annoyed to do my daily dance exercise so I might just run at the gym tonight again.

I am really having fun reading all her posts since it is obviously the answer to all my postings. She really seems so jealous and I feell very sorry for her.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy Weekend As Always

I have one more task to make from one of my sponsor and I have one big order to process. And Satuday is always a busy day for me and my family, as always. I don't know how to do this but I will try my best to do it all tomorrow morning.

My house is so dirty particularly the washrooms, so I really need to reserve some energy on this. I sometimes want to hate my sister-inlaw for not helping me to at least clean up the house. Oh well, I don't want to expect.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Protect You Personal Informations

A lot of people don't know that by submitting different application forms to different financial institutions can give them the risk of identity theft. But we sometimes can not avoid but to give out personal informations when we apply for a credit card.

IdentityHawk provide help for consumers to safeguard their assets, their properties, and their good names. With it's protective benefits, members can view the status of their identity protection, identify areas where they're most at risk, and take the necessary action to reduce those risks.

The sooner you detect the signs of identity theft, the more you will be protected.

With identity theft protection, you will receive text or e-mail alerts whenever there is a suspicious activity or data breaches that will put your personal information at risk.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy But Will Still Dance

I had done three assignments and order one ingredients from my supplier to complete one order. I am so busy and I only have few more minutes to update this blog. I also need to do few phonecalls and have to do some laundry that I wasn't able to do on the weekend due to busy schedule.

I am so freaking busy but this won't stop me from doing my regualr dance exercise routine. I need to continue exercising to continously loose some more weight. I need to go to bed early so I can go to work early to run at the gym.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Window Boxes For Plants and Flowers

It is so cold outside. Winter is here and I can't wait for spring so I can start putting some flowers in and out of my new home. What a lovely garden with some nice flower boxes that will make me busy until the end of summer of next year.

WindowboxPlanters.com is an online source for window boxes for plants and window boxes for flowers with different size, finish, style, and material. They provide free shipping on all window boxes, huge selection of different styles, expert customer servic, low price protection, exclusive products and most of all, they are an Organization who stands behind their products and services.

I will start to save some money to buy some of these beautifully designed window boxes. I can't wait to keep myself busy gardening to keep my mind off with all of these negative thoughts that keeps stressing me from time to time.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am Happy

Today we will pick up our kids at the Youth For Christ Camp at Thornhill. I really hope that my kids enjoy the camp and they learned something valuable that they will bring home.

Yesterday, hubby drop them to the camp and while waiting for the registration, he picked me up at work. He even drop to work that night. Looking at how my life goes and compare to his xgf, should I say that I am lucky? Or smarter?

I really think all men are the same. They have no backbone and they don't care about how we feel. In short, they are stupid. It's up to us how to guide them to make us happy. The only mistake that I make, I guess is pushing it too hard and uttering harsh words. But I cannot regret all those words because that is exactly how I feel that moment. I am happy and because God help me to make my happiness

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Buy Medical Scrubs Online

I am so happy with my life. It's almost perfect, expect for the work or carreer part of my life. I actually never dream to be a successful career woman. I only have simple dreams in life. To be a wife and a mother. However, due to the kind of life that we have right now, I find it impractical not to work to help my husband, financially. So I have no choice but to work and be a housewife.

Everytime I can see some of my schoolmates having a successful career or a nice job, I want to go back to school and start something new to do with my life. But because of the way of living that we have started here as an immigrant, I can't find a better way but to stick with my present job. Beside, our company is giving me good compensation.

Everytime I see those medical staffs wearing a nice, well designed and comfortable scrubs, I sometimes think of going back to school and start a career in medicine, specially when I saw hubby's old friend online, wearing medical nursing scrubs.

You can actually buy buy medical scrubs online