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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Unbelievable Dream

She is so stupid to believe that someday they will be together. I really think they won't, and if they do, then good for her. She needs to go on a diet to be like and love. It doesn't matter if she is already old but we all need to take care of ourself and try to look our best in our own way.

The guy is in USA for God sake, and there are so many likable ladies out there that can capture his heart. Why the hell he will get someone old from far away. He needs to sponsor her and it will take a lot of time, paper works and money to get her, not to mention that she have two kids to consider.. Geeee!! Who the hell she think she is? A Princess? lols... She should wake up on this unbelievable dream and find someone who is more realistic.. lols... Well I hope her dream will come true!!

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