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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am Happy

Today we will pick up our kids at the Youth For Christ Camp at Thornhill. I really hope that my kids enjoy the camp and they learned something valuable that they will bring home.

Yesterday, hubby drop them to the camp and while waiting for the registration, he picked me up at work. He even drop to work that night. Looking at how my life goes and compare to his xgf, should I say that I am lucky? Or smarter?

I really think all men are the same. They have no backbone and they don't care about how we feel. In short, they are stupid. It's up to us how to guide them to make us happy. The only mistake that I make, I guess is pushing it too hard and uttering harsh words. But I cannot regret all those words because that is exactly how I feel that moment. I am happy and because God help me to make my happiness

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