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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Horse Collections Hobby

I bought myself this gorgeous horse to add on my horse collections. I had a good boxing day deal for this one. I guess I am ready to start spending few bucks once in a while for the things I love eventhough it is not as important as it seems. But collecting something sometimes can release some stress.
I love horses aside from the myth saying that it can create some LUCK somewhere. I don't believe on LUCK. I always believe that if it is God's will, then anything is possible. I just love to have somethings that can be remember as ME. Just a hobby I guess!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Too Many Links Unmotivation

I declined about 4 tasks today. I just simply don't feel like taking opportunities that require to much links and later on will receive a notification of link removal. I really think that too much links can create an error to both the one giving the link and the one receiving the link. Most of the advertisers don't realize this until they are fenalized by the big boss.

Aside from the too much links required, I am also not comfortable with their system of creating the link myself. I wish they have the system of just copying and pasting the link with the keywords together so their blogger don't have to spend too much time creating the post.

Og well, I guess I shouldn't compare each system from each of my sponsors. Everyone have their own unique way of running their business. I just wish they don't require too many links for each post.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Convenient For Busy Life

My laundry area is so small which makes me spend most of my days and time doing the laundry specially during weekdays when I am supposedly just doing some cleaning maintenance in the kitchen and basement. I have to wait another day until the first batch of clothes that I hanged to dry and do another batch the next day. It is exhausting.
So I bought a new laundry drier and do the laundry during the weekend only. I just hanged few clothes that are thick and takes long time to dry. It is so convinient.

I also bought a new upright vacuum cleaner for my kitchen area so I don't have to exert extra effort in bringing one vacuum up and down the kitchen from the basement when I need it. Now I can focus more on important things during the weekdays. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.