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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Deleting Old Blogs

I deleted 7 blogs on my account because there are so much to look at. I created so many blogs for more than 10 years now and I have grown and learned so much as a blogger. I did a lot of mistakes and a lot of changes in this blog, but since this is the very first public blog, I have no plan of deleting this.

I created many blogs because back then, the payout for blog advertising is quite good. I actually become so addicted to it. But now, everything is so cheap because a lot of bloggers are accepting blog advertising for a very cheap price, particularly on those coming from developing countries like my home country, Philippines. I can't blame them though, due to this economy, and if you will convert dollars to peso, its good enough for them to make decent income living in the country.

So for me, it's a big waste of time to accept less then $5 for more than 50 words. So I will just focus on using my blogs as my personal use and advertising my own products.