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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Orders That Makes Me Busy

I am suddenly receiving orders for some reasons. It's making me sooo freakingly busy. Good thing I only have one order to make today and I dont think I can make it until maybe on Tuesday. Gzzzz, this is realy kinda stressful but I have to make it or people will hate me for having a webstore that only accepts payments. Ahhhh!!! I don't have the heart to put down my webstore. I worked so hard for it....

Anyway, for my snoopers of my life through my blogs, I am pretty sure that they are hating me for having these extra opportunities to have extra income, and happy to learn that I am stress for all the work load... hahahhaah!!! God bless you..

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Always Wishing For More

Always wishing for a lot of money. Her life revolves around money. That's she don't have any, no matter how hard she work hard... She always end nothing...

It's because she is no happy with her life. She is never satisfied because she always wants more. She buy things she can not afford. She spend more than she earn.

She is jealous about anything to anyone... The looks... The way of living... and many more... She is bitter!!!

Do you know who you are? Ask yourself, and if your eyebrows goes together, the it is you.. Admit it so you can start changing your life.

Be humble... Avoid hating.. Be happy.. Appreciate what you have... Be thankful of what you have... and most of all, dont compare yourself and your life to anybody...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Strong For The Sorroundings

Two more nights and I will beback to work.. I am not really excited about that. I wish I can go away with that place not because I hate what I do. but the freaky environment. I am not saying I like what I do, but I can live with that since I have been doing it for many years now. The atmosphere most of the time, is what makes the work hard.

Ahhh, I am ready for another battle.. Complaining won't help but preparing to be strong will do. I need to be strong and hard hearted.. Not what I want, but what I need... Strong in the sense that I should close my eyes and ear by not being affected to all the nonsense things around. Strong not to mind what other people say and think and keep being ME..

Friday, December 27, 2013

Why Not Go Out?

So who cares if I don't go out with them. As much as I wanted not to, but if they want me to, then why not. It's not bad to make someone furious of jealousy. But I know the other one have more stable personality and confidence. Unlike other women than I know, she is quite confident about herself.

But her???? Tell me about? So much bitterness in her heart.. So much hatred!!! So tell me why her life is like that?.. Too much KARMA!!!... Ang ingitera, mamatay na ingitera... I just wish my life will be different this year... Peaceful than usual.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Quiet Christmas At Home

My life is so quiet at home with my family. How I wish my life will be as quiet as this. No one is creeping me out.. Nobody is looking at me and trying to put me down because of their hate and insecurity in life.

One day, I will live my life as quiet as this. Just thank God for peace and happiness. Continue to recieve his blessing... Thank you Lord for all the blessings