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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feeling Of Betrayal

That feeling that you thought you have a best friend for the rest of your life then suddenly it turn out that, this person is the one who will betray you and break your heart so deeply.

Everything makes you feel lost in a very dark room where you don't know where and how to get out.

Still hanging on with so much hope, wish and prayers that this struggle will soon end.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life's Test

Life can never be perfect. I have been so happy and I was at the peck of my happiness until a test of life comes in, to challenge my faith. I have expected this to come because I know I am at the pick of my happiness and I thought that happiness will never end until this test of life comes in.

Oh yeeah, life can never be perfect. I know that my haters are so happy and so eager to know what ruins my happiness and I am not stupid to go on a detail of my life's issue. But right now, I am still alive and having so much hope that all this problems will be gone and more happiness will come,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wait For Mercy

I thought it would be fun to update this blog for my regular snoopers or I should say, HATERS!!! hehehheeh

Nothing much here to say but simply peaceful and so happy. It's so good to be with someone who I feel is a real friend to me. Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. As long as I know that he is not a hater, negative, fake, envious, greedy and most of all, happy for me, then everything is good.

I just hope SHE will learn that life is all about being grateful for everything that God has given to us. Being happy for someone is a sign of gratefulness.

Being angry and negative about the things that you see from others, that you dont have, is a sign of negativity and enviousness.

Stop hating and judging other people specially those that didn't do any wrong to you. Look at yourself first before looking at someone...

Clean your heart and stop feeling for revenge. Focus on your life and wait until God see the pureness of your heart's desire and he will eventually have mercy on you.

I've been there and I know how it feels to be in the Dark. I can't thank God enough for all the wonderful things I have learned. I am now the Happiest.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Work

Hmmm it's Sunday once again and I am ready to go to bed in a bit.  Just some thoughts for my crazy snoopers. I am on my happiest because everything are falling in the right places. God is so goos

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's My Blessing

Just so funny how she reacted seeing my new signature bag.. She just can't compete so she have to go near to someone she thought would have more money that I do. Isn't that so stupid??? hahahah I wonder how she know who have more than the other? hahahhaha

I am just a regular hard working housewife who have a hardworking husband. We save and dont spend more than what we earn. I am so happy that me and my husband can provide what our kids need without disturbing anyone. It's a blessing.

It's also a blessing to have the opportunity to work double time so I can provide more for me and my family. So it's not a question why I can buy few luxury things for myself because I deserve it.

What about you bitch? Everything I have is your opposite.. It's your karma for being so ingitera!!!! It's your karma for being so ungrateful and unthankful for everything that God has given you. Buti nga sa iyo!!!