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Monday, September 26, 2011

Very Annoying!!

I wonder everytime I am posting something very nice and exciting in my life on my facebook, she suddenly keep quiet?... hahahha!! Obviously she is trying to compete. I bet after few days or weeks, she will be posting something similar about what I have just posted...

I also notice one person keeps staring at me... I bet she will try to copy my hairstyle again. It's annoying to notice someone was trying to copy some of your style. Maybe not all, but some of the style that I am trying to be unique at, from the crowd where we are in.

Funny but I adviced my daughter that she she should be happy and take it the positive way when someone is trying to copy her style. I didn't know how annoying it is until I am in this situation... Very annoying!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cancelled Payment

Unfortunately the payment for the gift order that I am very excited to process have been cancelled!!! SIGH!!!!... There is probably not enough fund on her bank. Oh well, I am glad I checked and waited for the payment confirmation before processing it.

I am waiting for assignment or tasks from any of my sponsors but looks like I have no luck. Money is very slim lately which makes me sad. Money is getting slower each day. I wonder when this economic crisis going to end?. Everything is very affected!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waiting For The Payment Confirmation For Gift Order

I am still waiting for the confirmation of these one order. I am pretty excited make this order in a gift packaging. Today is the last day for the payment confirmation and it will go through.

Oh well, I have finished two assignments yesterday and I have no blog assignments from any of my sponsors today. I hope to have some soon to keep me busy blogging.

I didn't go to work last night because my left heel is painful, so I ended up blogging the whole day. I have updated all my blogs except for my beauty blog. I have the time to work on the new colors of my Mineral Makeups so I can have something to blog about on my beauty blog but I am too lazy.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Excited To Make Gift Order

I have one big order and I am pretty excited to start processing it and ship it right away. However, the payment is on pending mode, according to paypal. So I have to wait for about 5 days to see if the payment will be cleared.

This is my first time to make a gift order. If the payment is confirmed after one week, then I have to buy a pink gift wrap or a pink bag for this order. I will make sure to make it look nice. I really wish to receive more orders like this. it makes me smile.

If the money is cleared, then I will order some items to my supplier in USA like jars and micas because I am starting to run out of some jars and micas.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Supplier Warehouse

This one order is ready to be shipped. I picked up the product yesterday at the new warehouse of my supplier in Mississauga.
I am so glad that my supplier move their warehouse closer to our house. Now I don't have to worry how much gas and TIME, I have to consume everytime I have to pick up some item to their warehouse, which sometimes made me decide to just pay for the shipping as it saves me more time. I will just pick up any order every Friday so I can pick up hubby to his work because it is closer to his work.

Friday, September 16, 2011

No More Stress For Orders

I have placed the order for the Dead Sea Mineral Mud to my supplier. I will pick it up after we watched the movie. Then I will packed it and ship it tomorrow.

I know this is already a big delay but I still hope that it will reach it's destination in no time. I can't help it but put my online business on my last priority. I don't want to stress myself anymore, so I just do things on my convinient time. My health is more important..

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shipping Two Orders This Week

The small sample order is ready and I will mail it tomerrow before I got to bed. I will order the item of the second order on Wednesday and pick it up on Friday. I will try to ship on the same day, otherwise, I will just ship it on Saturday. It's a bit delay but I am saving my time.

I feel exhausted but I am starting to feel a lot better, when I learned that my mom is getting better. I am still very worried and I hope that God will give me the chance to be with her.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lazy For One Small Sample Order

I have one small sample order last Sunday and I don't know where to get the enegergy to make it. I am so lazy to do orders but I don't have the heart to shut it down because I worked so hard to make this business work. It is indeed a blessings to be able to recieve orders byt not doing anything big. I am recieving orders from people all over the world without opening my mouth about my products. So how can I shut this business down. It willbe here always with me.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Orders For Busy Weekend

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot to make the one small sample order and I have one order today. But I need to order the product to my supplier for the latest order.. I am so messed up.

Anyway, I am glad I have two opps to make from one of my sponsor however, this is the assignment with unreasonable restriction. So I contacted my sponsor if it will be fine for me to do it because I don't want to waste my time and then reject it after working on it.

Oh well, it's going to be a busy weekend for me. But I will try to find time to relax before I start doing the household chores. I have a big load of laundry. I wasn't able to do much laundry last weekend because of the bad weather. I can't hang the clothes outside. I am glad the weather will be good for drying clothes outside this weekend.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Two New Layout Of My Pink Blog

I did some layout changes on my two pink blogs. I just love the changes I made. I sometimes think of posting this layout on my facebook and shout to the world my happiness in creating such a cute layout design, but it might be awkward because not all people can understand the importance or benefits of the blogging world.

Here is the new layout of my Natural Beauty Cosmetics Blog. This is where I promote my online business, my products and service. This is the blog that give most of the click on my Google Adsense. So it deserve a new wonderful layout.

Here is the new layout of my Embracing Health Blog. I just love the light pink glow of the layout. One of the blog that gives me good number of Google Adsense Clicks and at the same time, it has good PR and attracks more health advertisers. It desrve a new nice looking layout.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Great Quality Auto Parts Online

I used to have a used car because I was a new driver and was trying to avoid paying too much for the car insurance. I wasn't happy back then.

The reason why I am want a brand new car is because of the headache of finding parts whenever I need it. Most of the car repair shop will try to overprice their auto parts and labor, and I always end up overpaying for something that is not worth the price. If I have known that there are so many auto partssupplier on the internet, I might have kept my old car.

Most of these auto parts suppliers offers the very best deals on quality auto parts and accessories. This will really help a lot of car owners to get the most out of their car.

The nice thing about buying auto parts and accesories online is that, the best quality and performance will be deliver in your house in no time, with and great savings.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Switching Blog Layout

I switched blog design of my "Concealed Mind Blog" to "Brief Sentiment" blog.

My "Brief Sentiments" blog's previous Purple layout

Is now a Green layout, which is my "Concealed Mind" blog's old green layout... I also made my "Brief Sentiments" blog private and nobody can read it but me. All my secrets will be written on this blog

And my "Concealed Mind" blog's from green to purple blog layout,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Before Buying a Domain Name

I finished 3 tasks in a row... Gzzz!!! I am brain dead now but I still need to update some of my blogs and I hope to have more brain energy to do this.

I am still looking at buying a custom domain for my new Mineral Makeup blog so I can start getting traffics for my webstore and increase my Google Adsense revenue, but I need to do some work first on my products and webstore particularly my Mineral Makeup products.

First I need to change the foundation color pigment bases and create a new images for each colors of my Mineral Foundations. Then post it on my webstore. Thats a lot of work.

Then that's the time that I need to buy a domain name and start working on the backlinks after the new url transition is done. Then I can start creating informative articles that is rich in keywords to get clicks on my Google Adsense and reach out to more people for my products. It's like Hitting two birds by one arrow!!

Insurance Informations For Seniors

I don't like to get old in the company where I am working right now. I am just waiting for the right moment and I will leave the company decently. But right now, I need the benefits that the company is providing me and my family.

Although, I am one of those lucky people who live in a country where health benefits are provided by the government, I feel like I still need to get a Medicare Supplemental Insurance because not everything is covered by the health benefits that the government is providing for their residents.

I am not getting any younger and I am already starting to feel the pain and expenses for being old. I am not afraid to get old and sick and eventually die, but I want to make sure that I am not going to be a burden to my children when it happens.

I was looking around the internet and found this website that gives information for seniors regarding the different kind of assistance or living arrangement for old people and what Medicare Supplemental Insurance that you can afford. They also have informations for financial assistance resources and gives guidance informations for how to make the right choice.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Inspiring Blog Look

I was in the mood for blog designing yesterday and I just created a new look for one of my blogs too. I am so happy with they how I made it in color purple. I am now so motivated to update this blog, and even buy a domain name for it. As I've said, I don't actually have any intention of making money from this blog, but if I can then why not? A nice blog look can be inspiring.