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Monday, September 5, 2011

Two New Layout Of My Pink Blog

I did some layout changes on my two pink blogs. I just love the changes I made. I sometimes think of posting this layout on my facebook and shout to the world my happiness in creating such a cute layout design, but it might be awkward because not all people can understand the importance or benefits of the blogging world.

Here is the new layout of my Natural Beauty Cosmetics Blog. This is where I promote my online business, my products and service. This is the blog that give most of the click on my Google Adsense. So it deserve a new wonderful layout.

Here is the new layout of my Embracing Health Blog. I just love the light pink glow of the layout. One of the blog that gives me good number of Google Adsense Clicks and at the same time, it has good PR and attracks more health advertisers. It desrve a new nice looking layout.

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