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Friday, September 2, 2011

Before Buying a Domain Name

I finished 3 tasks in a row... Gzzz!!! I am brain dead now but I still need to update some of my blogs and I hope to have more brain energy to do this.

I am still looking at buying a custom domain for my new Mineral Makeup blog so I can start getting traffics for my webstore and increase my Google Adsense revenue, but I need to do some work first on my products and webstore particularly my Mineral Makeup products.

First I need to change the foundation color pigment bases and create a new images for each colors of my Mineral Foundations. Then post it on my webstore. Thats a lot of work.

Then that's the time that I need to buy a domain name and start working on the backlinks after the new url transition is done. Then I can start creating informative articles that is rich in keywords to get clicks on my Google Adsense and reach out to more people for my products. It's like Hitting two birds by one arrow!!

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