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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Save Your Time

I came across with this site Advantage Auto Quotes - an online car insurance services. I know most of the drivers like myself are always looking for a cheaper quotes. Advantage Auto Quotes helps you find an insurance that offers the best rate. Advantage Auto Quotes works with big insurance company like AIG, Allstate, Kaiser Permanente, and Liberty Mutual as well as smaller companies like Response Insurance, The Hartford, and Nationwide. It is quite difficult to phone them one by one esp. for busy people like myself so Advantage Auto Quotes will help you select the type of coverage you need for your vehicle.

Advantage Auto Quotes offers good rate for good drivers and they also help those that have bad drivers record, through their Poor Driver Auto Insurance Rates. There are guidelines to help you improve your driving record to have better rates in the near future. They believe that everyone makes mistakes. The same thing applies for teen drivers auto policy.

While reading their site I came across with this
Gap Coverage New Vehicle wherein it is made especially for new car purchases. New car owners should be aware that buying a new car and driving it off the dealership place automatically depreciates its value (didn't know that). While standard auto insurance covers replaces the cost of your vehicle similar to the depreciated model.
New car owners deserve the assurance of knowing that they can buy a truly new car in the event that their car is damaged shortly after purchase. So Advantage Auto Quotes is here to help you get the best rate for that, since dealership policies can be expensive and can take advantage of the owner's needs to protect his/her new car. Same thing applies to Leased Vehicle Gap Insurance Policies .

Advantage Auto Quotes sells all types of car insurance including liability insurance, commercial policies, student policies, bad record, good record. Get a quote today for all of your insurance needs. There are many things that you can learn on how to get the best rate for your car insurance by visiting their website at http://www.advantageautoquotes.com/ and take advantage of saving time and energy looking for Insurance Company that offers the best rate.

Sunday Message

Every Sunday, as soon as we get home after the mass I blog whatever I learned from the sermon.
Luke 16:19-31
" Jesus told this parables to those among pharises who loved money".
All the things that we have are gifts from God. Those gifts can do bad or good to us if we will not handle them the way we should, as God wanted us to. By listening to God's messages, we will know and learn how to handle them. Are we too busy to go out to reach out for people who are in need? Do we care only for ourselves?.... Those are the questions that we should ask ourselves to know if we are taking good care of what God has given to us.

I was hit by the sermon somewhere because I seldom go out of the house to reach out for other people and know who are in need. Well I guess people around me are too busy too. I am doing blogs so I guess this is just one way of reaching out to people who are in need and sharing everything that I can with hope that somehow it can help someone.
I visited talksmart a couple of times today and I was surprise to see that I am getting some votes. I haven't told any of my non-blogger friends about this nomination and I am very very thankful for those who voted and will vote for me. Reading all the blogs of other nominees, well what can I say.... I feel like I cannot compete with any of these smart bloggers above and below my name mydaysinmymind . Being nominated and knowing that I will have more readers than the usual, is already a big price for me. But then again I will still continue inviting all of my readers to come visit http://salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com and vote for my blog mydaysinmymind...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thank You To Talksmart

I just got a message from one of my favorite filipino sites, Talksmart saying that this site was nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award... Geee, that was fast. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much... I didn't expect it to be that fast.

I actually visit
Talksmart everyday whenever I open my computer to vote and to hopp. This is where I get to meet a lot of smart pinoys. I learned a lot of things from this site as a blogger and as a person. Thinking how he came up to this idea of making the Filipino Blog Award just amazed me. Filipinos all over the world get to meet here on his place on the internet. In one of my post An Angel Brought Me To This Blogging World , it was actually his site I was referring to as an angel by opening my eyes that blogging can be more than just a hobby. Thank you very much for including me on your poll and I am looking forward learning more from here.

Vote for this blog mydaysinmymind at http://salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com/

Six Weird Things About Me

Tagged by Rosemarie.. this is also my first time to do this .. Just for fun
Annie, Dauphine, Cathy, James, Pia, Sheena

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. whenever we eat french fries in mcdonald I always ask for a packed of mayonnaise and i will keep the unused packed of mayonaise in my bag and use it the next time i eat in there

2. i love to laugh and if i laugh out loud for no reason at all, chances are my inner child just said something completely inappropriate

3. i visualize everything, but the things i usually visualize are generally considered "kagagahan"

4. if i keep my mouth shut but read it on my blog but i will never mention any name

5. it's hard for me to hold the same thought for an extended period of time because a new one is always invading

6. i sleep during the day and awake at night

Another Way Of Making Money

I didn't know that this blog was approved by Blogsvertize since Sept. 15, 2007.. Gee thanks Blogsvertize. So for people who are interested in making money by blogging, Blogsvertise is another company who have advertisers who are looking for bloggers to post for them. They require a blog to be at least 30 days old, and have to be regularly updated. No blogs can contain porn or adult related content. Once your blog entry is approved , you will be paid after 30 days for your entry via paypal. So again, you have to have paypal account to be paid. When the task assigned to you, You will be emailed a website url along with a brief note. Once a member they also have an affiliate program where you get paid for any advertisers who join from clicking on your link. Thank you and I will be looking forward blogging with you.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Saying "Hi"On The Internet Is Easier

Saying "Hi" on the internet is easier than doing it in person to someone you find attractive especially if you're a shy type. Maybe this is the reason why a lot of singles go to dating sites.

Dating sites are everywhere nowadays. True indeed, that it's not easy to find someone whom you feel comfortable talking or being with in this complicated world we are in. A lot of single people have to spend money just to find that person. And mind you, I've known some who are very succesful in finding one. JustSayHi dating site offers free personals and they will help you find people that matches your personals. Being a member is free and easy. Simply register and login to discover the benefits of free online dating and matchmaking.

I actually register myself to satisfy my curiosity about what's in this dating site that a lot of people are into nowadays. It's free anyway. My URL is http://www.justsayhi.com/estertey and visit me there whenever you can. I've learned that there's a lot of american sinlges on this dating site and I've met a lot of smart people. Also, JustSayHi is more than just a dating and matchmaking site but a learning site as well. You can learn a lot of things by joining the active message boards, posting in the forums or by participating in the polls and surveys. If you need help, you can post your question in the "Help" forum instead of sending sending a message to the owner of the site. So the members can also see your question and the response which can help other people as well. For safety purposes, JustSayHi site do not permit to include any personal information including your email address or phone number in any posts on the JustSayHiforums. If you are new to JustSayHi, they will make sure that you read and adhere to the forum rules . New members sometimes violate the forum rules simply because they are unaware of the guidelines. The forum rules helps ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all of our members.

The features are as a good as any paid dating site yet it is really 100% free. So stop paying for online dating. Register and meet thousands of fun, smart, attractive, men and women in your area on this totally FREE online dating site. No credit card is ever required. Visit the website at http://www.justsayhi.com/. No gimmicks, no tricks

Just A Simple Acceptance

Petty goading again from people with so much hang ups. Can't remove it in my head how some people just can't seems to act the way they should be. Why can't they just accept that nobody is perfect. It is just a simple acceptance of who is who..

She No. 1 is so touchy. She No.2 is the silent fault finder, She No.3 is a hater and She No.4 is me....lol... Touchy -laughing for someone's mistake but hate if someone laugh at hers. A silent fault finder, as if she is perfect in and out. The hater who hates everythings and everyone esp. those who intimidate her in anyway....And me..lol what can I say... hmmmm trying to keep my mouth shut as much as I can because everything I say might be against me. Trying to take everythings as a joke. But I am just human to say things I regret to say, just like anyone else.

How can you consider someone as a friend if you know she talks about you behind your back? How can you understand each other if instead of me she was talking to about how she feels about me, she talks about it with someone else? Will I share to her my innermost secret? I dont think so, because she simply cannot talk straight to me.... I thought she was a straight forward person, but I was wrong. I was totally wrong!!!!... But I am here.... I am here for her and for them, but she can never be that one I thought she was for me. Understanding, acceptance and love is friendship. But I guess it so hard to find it nowadays.....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Delusive To Be Paid By Blogging

The bank confirmation was finally done. I just have to wait for more assignments so I can reach the minimum payout amount of paypal before I can transfer it to my bank account. I used to be skeptical, but now I believe that it is not delusive to be paid by blogging. Thank you again to SponsoredReview for making me believe...

I got a message from a friend yesterday asking me how true it is to be paid by blogging. Can't blame anyone to be skeptical because I was too... I will be posting some of the tips I've been getting from forums and blogs about how to monetize your blog. I am not an expert but I will try to impart some of the things I've learn .

First and foremost, you have to love computer, internet and of course blogging otherwise you'll end up lost and exhausted. Just have fun learning different things aside from monetizing your blog. Here is one of the tips I got for begginers.

"If you blog for passion and money, then here is Blogger site. They have a feature where you can have your own domain and host your blog with them. You can customize your blogs to your hearts content for free and there are many tutorials and helpful bloggers around to lend a hand. And they allow you to earn money."

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Support For New Bloggers

I just got an email from SponsoredReview notifying me their payment through paypal. Although I am still waiting something in my bank to appear to complete bank confirmation for security. Still holding my breath for that.

You've got new funds!
Dear Ester Besmonte,
SponsoredReviews.com just sent you money with PayPal.
SponsoredReviews.com is a Verified buyer.
Payment Details

Amount: $9.75 USD
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SponsoredReview is the only pay to blog site that support this one month old blog and I am very thankful for that since I was skeptical in being paid for blogging before. Blogging is my passion and I've been mentioning on my blog that being paid it is just my secondary things to feel happy about. SponsoredReview is a pay to blog site that can be a big support for new bloggers. I really feel that being paid by blogging is one inspiring and worth doing especially for young people. Some of the poeple I know might raise their eyebrows when I tell them how much I've earned so far. It's NOT even enough to treat my kids to McDonald, but for a one month old blog to earn, is just something one blogger should be happy about regardles of how much it is. I will make more as this blog matures and when my PR goes up. Hence, I am working to make that happen while I am having fun. I am learning so many things and that is already a big reward for someone who's main intention is to blog her thoughts.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Angel Send Me To This Blogging World

I got another approved bid to blog ..weeeee!!!!! This is really exciting for me from the bottom of my heart. I really think an angel send me to this blogging world.. lol... But I got some worries behind and I really hope it will be over soon.

My husband didn't want me to use our bank account to receive payment from paypal so I have to open a new account yesterday. I still have to wait 3 to 5 days to confirm the verification of my bank account by paypal for security reason and that's ok. They said that if the account number didn't went through or something is wrong, I will be charged $30...geeee!!! I dont have that earning yet in blogging and I have to pay $30...lol... So I am crossing my fingers that everything will be ok. I am so excited to receive that payment. You know what will I do to that small amount? I will give it to my high school bestfriend in the Philippines. She have 3 kids and a failure marriage ( irresponsible husband and a father). I send her money whenever I have extra from my pocket; $10 or $20 dollars is already something in the Phlippines. I am just sending it to her together with my letter via airmail. Quite risky but we always cross our fingers that it wont get lost. I am also sending a little extra to my niece. I sometimes send it together and just ask my niece to contact my bestfriend to pick it up.

Oh well I am tired today. After work, I went straight to our family doctor for my annual medical check up. Then I have to go back on Friday for ultra sound and x-ray. I used to have a bladder problem so it's just part of monitoring and I am not pregnant..lol.... Then probably sometime next week I have to come back for blood test.. Now this part really scares me!!!! ....
Ok folks, I will go to bed now and prepare myself for another battle at work tonight. I'll see you tomorrow again for another blogging thoughts...Have n nice blogging day!!! muahhhhhh

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Blogging Makes Life More Interesting

Blogging is one of my hobby and being paid is just one thing to be happy about. Whenever I bid for a product from advertizer, I choose only the products that I am interested in. I cannot promote a product that doesn't interest me at all. I dont want to sound like a trying hard blogger who is desparate to be paid. I do this by checking the website of the product before I bid. Funny but I find most of the products from the advertizers to be useful to me and my love ones, either today or in the near future. I blog products like I blog my daily thoughts.

I actually avoid talking about this blogging hobby to some of the people that I am in contact with simply because they dont seem to be interested about it. I sometimes feel that most of the people around me doesn't want to talk about topics that I find interesting, that's why I do a lot of blog hopping. Here I can get interesting topics to put into my head. Talking about other people's life sometimes is fun but to do it every single moment of your life is already a dupeness. My mind is too pre-oocupied by interesting blogs where I can get knowledge to improve my daily living on earth -to mind others hate, jealousy and envious thoughts about someone.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Message

My kids and I went to church early to today because I want to buy them some school pants in Yorkdale Mall. Husband had an overtime last night I just asked to stay at home and sleep.

Luke 16:1-13
"No slave can serve two mastersfor a slave will either hate the one and love the other; or be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth"
Message: We are so busy making our life good to fit into this world; busy preparing for our future by buying different kinds of insurance;working so hard to make our life comfortable. It is actually smart thing to do and there's nothing wrong with that. But the question is, how do you prepare our life to fit in heaven?
Have a good day to all

Travel Plans

Once a year I want go out of the country either alone or with my family. Me and hubby have a lot of travel plans for next year. That's why I have been searching for the lowest price on the internet. I came across with different online reservations until I found HOTEL RESERVATION that offers an amazing price for Hotels, Motels, Resorts, cruises, car rentals and even airfare.

In one of my posts, I have mentioned about our trip in Montreal and that all hotels, motels and even lodges were all fully booked especially during the long weekend. So it was a lesson for me to booked ahead of time otherwise we will end up again paying $90/night to a very cheap and small motel. The next place we want to visit within Canada is Ottawa. So I searched for HOTEL RESERVATION's website and found out that they offer such a great discount price in Ottawa hotels. All I can say is WOW!!!!.. Here is the result of the price for the Hotel that I am interested in booking if we are going to visit and stay for a couple of days in Ottawa, Canada.

Oct 7, 2007 to Oct 9, 2007,
25% discount for 2 nights stay in Chimo Hotel in OTTAWA with an average nightly Rate of $108.08 . The Chimo Hotel is a hotel of uncompromising quality and impeccable service in Canada's beautiful capital city. The Chimo Hotel is the first choice for business and leisure travelers alick.
Isn't it cheap ? We were actually supposed to go there this coming long weekend because it's my hubby's birthday but unfortunately, hubby have another plan. So at least I already have this website to go to for booking.

I continue the search for prices of the places I want to go to like LONDON UK.. I have a friend to visit there and I'm dying to see LONDON.. So here's what came up that I'm interested in booking for my next year's travel plan.
York Hotel in London, UK
Vacation Package includes 2 roundtrip tickets for 1 room/5 nights with continental breakfast total is USD $1,821.65 (Avg/person is USD $910.83) taxes, & service fees are all included.
I still have to talk to my friend to know which hotel is the nearest to their place before I book my reservation . At least I already have an idea how much should I save for my travel in London UK and to whom I should book my Vacation Package .

We always go to Niagara Falls and stay for a couple of days there to relax so I know the prices of the hotels around the area. It is just amazing to know HOTEL RESERVATION offers a big discounts on different hotels. Here is one hotel that I am interested to book in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Standard one queen for 2 n1ghts is USD $117.05.(The room rates listed are for double occupancy unless otherwise stated and exclude tax recovery charges and service fees).

When you click an accommodation name or Hotel details on the Search results page, they will display information specific to that accommodation. Some listings are more detailed than others, but basic information is available on all accommodations. Most listings include the description of the accommodation, street address, local street map, link to check availability. Some listings may also include photographs, phone numbers, price range, amenities, check-in and check-out times, and forms of payment accepted by the accommodation.

HOTEL RESERVATION also offers low prices in cruises and car rentals . Making online reservation is safe and secure and they have 24hr customer care available to take your call for further inquiries and reservations. So if you are looking for a travel agency that offers big discounts the next time you travel, you dont have to go far . HOTEL RESERVATION offers it all. Let HOTEL RESERVATION help you to your next vacation in any part of the world. Price changes so book ahead of time.
Visit their website at http://www.hotelreservations.com/ and compare how competitive their rates are with great discounts on world wide destinations.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday In Canada's Wonderland

Some of the rides that my kids went on that makes me so nervous to watch. I cannot believe that they can jump into these kind of scary rides where I myself cannot imagine to go on.

Kelly and Tanvi in Wildbeast----

Kim and Tanvi in Shock Wave

Canada's Wonderland (often referred to locally as Wonderland) is a 330 acre theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, 30 kilometres north of Toronto, Ontario. It is considered one of North America's premier amusement parks, with more than 200 attractions. The park is open seasonally from May to October. While under Paramount Pictures (later bought by Viacom) ownership from 1994 until 2006, the park was known as Paramount Canada's Wonderland) until it was sold to Cedar Fair and reverted to its original name. The park has also been the most attended seasonal theme park in North America for two years running (2005 and 2006).[1] Park attendance in 2005 was 3.7 million people. [2] In 2006, attendance was just over 3.2 million.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Almost Forgot My Enthusiast To Earn By Blogging

I almost forgot my enthusiast to earn by blogging because I've recieved another devastating response to one pay to blog site without giving any reasons why... They just said I am not qualified..huhuhuhuhu!!!!... At least the other pay to blog site indicate the reason why I am not qualified at this time. It is because this blog is too young still..lol... and that's ok... . Then suddenly, I received an email again from SPONSOREDREVIEW saying that one advertizer approved my bid..WEEEEEEEE!!!!.. So my excitement on making money by blogging is "ON" again...hahahhahaah!!!.... I love you SPONSOREDREVIEW, you made me motivated to make money again while doing the things that I like...

I'm actually not that lost because I've been going to different forums and making the world know that this blog exist because I've learned that this can help to increase traffic.. It's fun!!! REALLY...... I am learning so many things though sometimes it's too good to be true to make that much money by doing the things that I really love doing, BLOGGING!!!!... But there's no harm in trying, as long as I am having fun doing it... I get to meet and read blogs of different smart and intelligent people and learn many things. Whether it is about making money or something that I can use on my day to day living. Aside from the fact that I am getting attentions from different people about my blog. I like that....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Upbraided Tone

This is Sunnybrook Hospital located at Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Canada. I brought my father here to see his Cardiovascular Surgeon. It was my first time to come here and it was a huge hospital. Here in Toronto, the usual problem we have when seeing a Medical Specialits is---- WAITING!!!. The parking fee is $3.50/half an hour..geee!!! So I just decided to drop my father infront of the main entrance and asked him to call me when everything is done. I actually brought some pillow with me so I can sleep inside the Van while waiting for him.. lol... But I was surprised that it didn't took long for me to wait outside the Hospital facilities So I still have time to blog about my thoughts for the day.

A lesson I learn for today?...." when you give anything to someone, never expect that person anything in return, even a single penny "... I was talking to a friend on the phone while waiting for my father. Many times I heard her complaining about the expenses and time she spend for her cousin just to get here in Canada. She was even complaining that her cousin never give her any money when found a job here in Canada. Few days ago, she was quite happy to tell me that her cousin have been sharing some house expenses like sugar, milk, coffee... But yesterday when she asked her cousin for a penny to take for work to buy a snack, her cousin told her instead, to bring some food from their kitchen...hahahhaha... in short, her cousin didn't give her a single penny.. She feel soooo bad about it thinking that she spend more than a thousand dollar and even paid for her cousin's airfare.... Hearing her upbraided tone, made me want to throw her some questions like.. "Then why did you helped her?".. "You should have known her by now"... But I didn't, because I might make her feel worst...I think she expects some appreciation too soon and in her expected appreciated way. Sometimes it takes time for someone to realize how much was given to them. And sometimes, we have our own unique way thanking someone. Maybe not now, but later they probably will. They may not show it, but they know in their heart, they owe you a lot...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Filipino's Sign of Respect

It's a very gloomy and cold monday morning here in Toronto.. In this picture I am trying to show that traffic was starting to build in Hi-way 401. But if I will compare it to the traffic in the Philippines, this picture doesn't show traffic at all...

It was a quiet day for me today. Just a few pety conversation I had about using "ATE" (means older sister) or "NANAY"(means mother) to someone not actually related to you. Using "ATE" and "NANAY" to someone for a filipino is a sign of respect to a person whom you think is older than you. But it can be somehow very offending to others especially if the person saying "ATE" to you looks older than you or there's not much difference in your age. OR if someone will call you "NANAY" wherein the age difference is only about 5 years??.... common!!!! it is very offending indeed... I grew up in the city so I never get used to this tradition of giving respect to someone older than me. I usually say "PO" or "OPO"( means "yes" or "I agree") if someone whom I think a lot older than me. I treat everyone my age if a person is about 10 to 15 or even 20 years older or younger than me most of the time. Because I believe that everyone doesn't want to be treated old by anyone especially women.. RIGHT? ---

But on the otherhand, I believe that we all should accept the fact that everybody gets old. Our physical appearance changes as time goes by esp for women after giving birth. So if you are someone who looks younger than your age before, and somebody call you "ATE", that probably means that your loooks have changed and you're no longer that someone who got this baby face. Particularly, if you seldom smile....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Message

Kids and I went to church at 11:00 am today. Hubby wasn't able to come with us because he was on night shift last night and he has to go to his part time job today at 2:00 pm. So I just decided not to wake him up.

There was a lady asking for donation at the church. So I bought Kimberly and Kelly Anne a necklace pendant. It cost $10 for two. I can not say it was cheap but I just say it was a donation...
Luke 15: 1-32
God is relentless in seeking to restore what is lost to the place it belongs. It is no surprise that this gospel begins by saying that Jesus spent his time with sinners and tax collectors. Where do we need to restore to? Where do we rightfully belong?
Funny but before the mass started, I was already reading the verses for this day. My interpretation was quite different from what the priest's sermon. And it was very true indeed.
It talked about God's Mercy--We always look for what was lost until we found it, then we are complete. Just like life, sometimes it is up and sometimes it down. When we are lost we have to find the way to our faith in GOD...
I remember someone I knew who always go to church and read the bible. But with a very simple crisis about material things, she acted upon it as something so heavy to face. Like she was lost on how to face life in a very simple test in life. I really think that if the problem is about material things, the solution is already right infront of us, even before the problem starts. How much more if she will be given a problem where the choices infront of her to solve the problem, are too big to swallow? I think it is because she got so many plans and goals in life materially, that she wants to achieve in no time . So weak to accept that she cannot put everything in her hands. I also believe that a person have to realize her lost faith before she can go back to where she should be---- Life is not always perfect; we just have to have a strong grip to our faith... Hard---- but I always pray that he will always be there for me and my family.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Thoughts

I got an email from my niece and I got so worried because she was in trouble. I want to be there for her but we are too far--- I am too far to be with her. I hate the people who refused to give her to me. She should be here with me now, with abundant good oppportunities for her future. I can't do anything but be here worrying so much for her. I can only wish and long for the day that she will be here with me soon...

Anyway I want to share you some of the thoughts I had for today--- I was taking a rest to the same place at the same time, where I can not see or observe different things that I am not supposed to see. But for some reason I sat on the opposite side and I was able to notice or see something odd. Something that annoyed me for some reason. I know I shouldn't think about something I shouldn't think, but I just cannot help myself but to utter some words. I was just wandering what was so special inside that container that makes them look like some kind of flies who chased some nutriment-- I am amazed to see her carrying that big container everyday for a number of heads waiting to be supplied but most of the time, these heads were so eager to supply themselves that they couldn't wait for her, so they have to open it by themselves--- I was able to take a little on my mouth sometime ago, but it was just some natural nutriment made at home and I didn't notice any special reason for some people to be allured by it.. Not unless these people have some personal reasons to save a little--hahahhaah( kapal)---- As the number of flies increase, the size of the container increase as well. My mouth cannot declare it as a charitable deeds for these people are not homeless or unfortunate. Perhaps her generosity made it all that even if she works double time just to show how generous her heart is.

Another thoughts I had for someone--- I just can't see the reason why she was acting so different from the rest... I just cannot help it but to noticed her eyes with hate towards me for some reason. Is it my independence against her dependence? I cannot stand someone depending on me for some superficial and childish reasons---- Hate in her eyes for my laughter and smile for I still refused to believe on what I think I am to her-- that she hates happiness in me. I guess I am just paranoid and I hope I am....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I hate this feeling..somebody ruined my day again.. It is hard, so hard that I dont know how long I can stand this...I dont really want to hate someone esp.this person...But this person is pushing me.. I dont know if it was an intention or what.... Talking behind , but doesn't want to be talked behind--Guilty of everything in short sooo paranoid---- Negative to everything that makes her so touchy-- what kind of mind is that...Everything that comes out in my mouth means something against --- which makes me soooo uncomfortable being around this person...Look at yourself and all the things that you say and do, before being so sensitive about everything around you---- Should I talk to you? Or should I just let it go and pretend that everything is fine -- You can never be the same person as I expected before, because I know how negative your thoughts are... Feeling guilty? Guilty of talking behind my back? Saying "shhhhh dont tell Ester about this"..... Common, I know you very well---but it is ok, they wont hear anything from me about you--- dwell to your guilt for talking behind me!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pay to Blog

When I posted a blog about being denied by one pay to blog site, one of my cobloggers Shyyen, gave me an advice to sign up to sponsoredreview and I did .. I've been checking my email for a couple of days now to see their response from my application and finally when I checked my email today, I got the approval of Sponsoredreview. It's just that I still couldn't find out how to post their banner to my site. So I just paste and copy one of their banner so I can post it on this blog. I am just waiting for 3 advertiser to approve my bid. This is so exciting for me because blogging is just my hobby and getting paid for it is just amazing... You just dont know how addicted I am to blogging and designing my site. But for 2 weeks I have neglected updating my friendster blog and my site because I've been busy looking for links and ranking site for this blog ..I want to learn more about this pay to blog thing and get more insight and tips. I'm having so much fun while learning. I just feel bad because I only have a couple of hours to sit infront of my computer to do all the things I want to do with my blog. Well I am a working mom--What do you expect

Aside from my world in blogging and being a working housewife, I also want to share some of the thoughts I have for today--- I think I had made someone smile although my heart says it is different now- My wrong expectation to how someone should accept me for who I am has made some damaged inside me. I didn't want to make a big issue, so I try to make myself to be the same person as always to someone, and just accept the fact that--- Being a friend to someone is easy to do, but finding a friend for myself is the hardest part.

I will end my blogging world for now, since this is my cleaning day---

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Message

Me and hubby were requested again for the second time, to bring the bread and wine infront of the altar.. I like this because I feel like I'm serving God in a very little way--
The Sunday message today is about Luke 14:25-33-- I was listening to the priest and the interpretation is quite clear and simple- Funny that when we say "I do", we should ask ourselves if " we really do" and we shouldn't mistaken "I do" to "maybe I do" or "I will try"--- We have to stop comparing ourselves to anything or to anybody. Detached ourselves to material living, fame and all those things that can drive us to loose our commitement in our Faith or even drive us to do evil things---Instead, we should focus ourselves to our commitment in our faith in God. So before we say "I do" we should ask ourselves first if we really do....

I will go to bed now and prepare myself for another battle in my workplace--- I'll be back tomorrow for another thought..

Friday, September 7, 2007

Earn By Blogging

This is the bus stop few steps away from our house.. It is about 8:30PM and it is already dark while it was only last week when I went out at this time, and I can still see some light--- Ohh I forgot that it is already SEPTEM---BER. BER means a lot of events are coming--- WINTER!!!!--- SNOW!!!!!---( ngiiiiiii--- cold!!!)-- Halloween ( fun for my kids), my kids b-day, my hubby's b-day, X-mas and New year (not fun for my pocket) lol----
I wasn't able to post something yesterday here because I got so busy blog hopping and registering to some blog ranking to help increase my blog traffic.. I was so into this blog since 2005 on my friendster- IT's Fun--- Though I wanted to updated my blog more often, but I wasn't comfortable knowing that the people on my list will recieve a notification from their email everytime I update my blog... I created a small site in TRIPOD because I wanted to design my own layout and post everything I want there--- And I want to have different background for each post--- Then I become more and more addicted to it--- But both of them are private because I am too shy to expose my thoughts... I got a little bored just doing blogs myself and only few of my freinds do blogs--- So I started blog hopping from different blog sites and learned that there are lots of bloggers who earn money by blogging..... Oh GOd!!!! this is so cool!!!!--- it is not really my intention to make money from blogging but if I can earn some?---- well blogging itself is fun already how much more if I can get some money from it ..... I was denied by this one paid to blog website because they said that the blog I got here is still very new since I only started my blogspot about 3 weeks ago - And their minimum requirements is about 90 days old.... Devastated of course---but then who cares? I am still having fun and 90 days is not far while having fun blogging----- Hearing one of my co-bloggers to say that $20 is already something in the Philipines because it is equivalent to about Php900 already, makes me more inspired and motivated to blog---I dont care even if I only earn $10 dollars because , as I've said, blogging itself is fun already-- but my hope to have more earnings through this fun hobby of mine will always be in my daily thoughts...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bad Favorites

Before I left home for work I ate about 25 pieces of "DIBS"...I dont know what's with this bite size ice cream that make me so addicted. My daughter Kimberly was the one who introduced it to me when we were in Wonderland--- The flavor was vanilla- I was looking for vanilla flavor at the grocery store yesterday and I couldn't find one. Then I saw this new flavor "Role".... waaaaaa!!!! more yummy than vanilla.... I'm gaining weight....HELP!!!!!

Then at the subway station, I stopped by at "Tim Horton" to buy one double double coffee (double cream and double sugar) and one chocolate dip donout--- waaaaaa!!!! another calorie!!!! I'm fat...Help!!!!!

Here's is another tempting fattening food that I always see in Eglinton subway station that I cannot resist "CINNABON"---- thank God there's a line up and my work is more important that this sugary bread stick..lol.... I'll be LATE!!!! ... I'll see you tomorrow.....

This is probably why there's a lot of obese people here in Canada... Because of these tempting delicious food.. Hirap talaga iwasan.. grabe!!!!

A Mistake

You're meager thoughts and wrathful heart is just behind the words from your mouth. Your negative thoughts makes you paranoid, to think some eyes focus on your mistakes. Have you thought of how you laugh hard for my mistake? But you frawn and hate when somebody laugh for yours. Oh boy, you really got one attitude there. I saw your eyes with hate towards me, WHY? ASK YOURSELF WHY? You hate me for taking negative for my actions. You hate me for being me... if you really know where I am in you. "Smile" is my definition of everything for you. But I am done with your shenanigans... It might be time to move beyond this wrong expectation..... Because FOR ME mistake is learning, mistake is wisdom. It'll teach you to deal and learn for every step you make. So smile and laugh for your mistake...Keep it because it's part of everyday life. But you are you .. negative thoughts sorrounds you and I just feel sorry for you...

Take the award, take the medal, take the fame, take the wealth, take the beauty, take the excellence, take the brilliance, take everything you want- you can have it all. Because I am just a sober, I am a trash, I am nothing this is probably what you want to hear from me and what you want me to be...... Can't compete, can't compare for who will win ? I am just me--- It was a mistake, it was my mistake...To hope someone is possible to be. I'll keep it, it'll be a part of my learning---

“I have made mistakes but I have never made the mistake of claiming that I have never made one.” by: James Gordon Bennett

Monday, September 3, 2007

Bitter Moments

petty goading sorrounds me inside this doomed place. i've been trying so hard to change the way a see it, but things always go back to where i left it. not to the things my body normally perform but from the ambiance of meagerness with people of wrathful heart. it might have sound harmless, but it could have triggered something deep inside of me that i'm not quite sure how to identify. i'm trying to let myself sit with this awkward feeling but someone's stare always bothered me. i hate myself for pretending. surprising positions on some matters that stops me. i want to dig deeper into their words --i dont really give a damn who you are, where you came from and all the things about you... i am just wandering why you compete and compare yourself, for you'll just end up disappointed ---- nobody loose and nobody wins in this competition your putting yourself into......oh God forgive me, my days with this atmosphere will have to start again....
"If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself”---by: Max Ehrman

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Montreal Trip

Busy day yesterday at Montreal that's why I wasn't able to make a blog but I still have so much things to blog about the trip. First thing in the morning I dropped my dog to the dogsitter because I dont want our trip to be hazzled by her purr all over us during our long trip..lol...Plus she is very hyper....kaya kahit mahal ang bayad sa dogsitter ($45/day)...sige, pikit mata akong nagbayad....
I thought It was only my family that will be on this long driving but my husband, without even asking my opinion, ask his friend to be our tourist guide since he used to live in Montreal (french speaking cambodian na mukhang pinoy na pinoy)---- So then he brought us here...
"Roman Catholic pilgrimage and worship where St. Joseph's began with the devotional impulse of a humble monk called Frère André. His original tiny chapel, begun in 1904, is still extant on the west side of the church shown here, which was begun in 1924 and finished in 1956. The dome is the world's second largest, after St. Peter's in Rome.
Religious visitors sometimes climb the steps in the middle, praying at every step; more pragmatic ones walk up normally or take one of the free shuttle buses from the base.
Inside there are essentially two large churches one atop the other, as well as side chapels including the candlelit hall leading to Frère André's tomb."

Then one lesson I've learned--(I actually forgot) is to make a hotel reservation esp. during the long weekend because we spend a lot of time finding a place to stay for the whole night since all the hotels ( big and small) were all fully booked.... But luckily, we were able to find one... Very small pero ok na rin...($90/day)---Puwede na?.... I was expecting an internet access that's why I had my laptop with me..(.ano ba!!!! cheap nga ang hotel no!!!! )

Montreal is a quiet and a small place. The street are narrow and there's a stop light in almost every 1km.. Geee...And then people here and there...Strictly no turning left or right until the green light is on.... Different in Toronto which makes me confused ....lol... I like it there but I'm used here in Toronto with wide streets and Hi-ways....

We had our dinner in Laval Quebec ( forgot to bring my camera), because we were invited by the relatives of my husband's friend---Cambodian's food are very much the same as our food. We ate baked Tilapia with fish sauce (hmmmm yum, yum)--- Then we went back to the hotel to sleep for a couple of hours for another long trip going home--- by the way, we picked our dog on our way home kaya amoy aso kami pag dating namin ng bahay!!!! hahhaha!!!

Sunday Message

We we're no able to attend the mass yesterday though we went to St. Joseph church in Montreal and did some praying. When I got home and before I close my eyes to sleep. I read some words from the bible and consider this as my sundau message...
Luke 12.49-53
Jesus the Cause of Division---I came to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it was already kindled!. I have a baptism to receive, and how distress I am until it is over. Do you suppose that I came to bring peace to the world? No, not peace but division. From now on the family of five witll be divided, three against two and two against three. Fathers will be against their sons, and sons against the fathers; mothers against their daughters, and daughters against their mothers; mothers-in-law will be against their daughters-in-law, and daughters-in-law will be against their mothers-in-law"---
Who am I to say that this is what it means but I only mean peace for every heart. So I should say that-----
"Religions are many and diverse, but reason and goodness are one ". by: Elbert Hubbard: