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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Mistake

You're meager thoughts and wrathful heart is just behind the words from your mouth. Your negative thoughts makes you paranoid, to think some eyes focus on your mistakes. Have you thought of how you laugh hard for my mistake? But you frawn and hate when somebody laugh for yours. Oh boy, you really got one attitude there. I saw your eyes with hate towards me, WHY? ASK YOURSELF WHY? You hate me for taking negative for my actions. You hate me for being me... if you really know where I am in you. "Smile" is my definition of everything for you. But I am done with your shenanigans... It might be time to move beyond this wrong expectation..... Because FOR ME mistake is learning, mistake is wisdom. It'll teach you to deal and learn for every step you make. So smile and laugh for your mistake...Keep it because it's part of everyday life. But you are you .. negative thoughts sorrounds you and I just feel sorry for you...

Take the award, take the medal, take the fame, take the wealth, take the beauty, take the excellence, take the brilliance, take everything you want- you can have it all. Because I am just a sober, I am a trash, I am nothing this is probably what you want to hear from me and what you want me to be...... Can't compete, can't compare for who will win ? I am just me--- It was a mistake, it was my mistake...To hope someone is possible to be. I'll keep it, it'll be a part of my learning---

“I have made mistakes but I have never made the mistake of claiming that I have never made one.” by: James Gordon Bennett

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