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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Montreal Trip

Busy day yesterday at Montreal that's why I wasn't able to make a blog but I still have so much things to blog about the trip. First thing in the morning I dropped my dog to the dogsitter because I dont want our trip to be hazzled by her purr all over us during our long trip..lol...Plus she is very hyper....kaya kahit mahal ang bayad sa dogsitter ($45/day)...sige, pikit mata akong nagbayad....
I thought It was only my family that will be on this long driving but my husband, without even asking my opinion, ask his friend to be our tourist guide since he used to live in Montreal (french speaking cambodian na mukhang pinoy na pinoy)---- So then he brought us here...
"Roman Catholic pilgrimage and worship where St. Joseph's began with the devotional impulse of a humble monk called Frère André. His original tiny chapel, begun in 1904, is still extant on the west side of the church shown here, which was begun in 1924 and finished in 1956. The dome is the world's second largest, after St. Peter's in Rome.
Religious visitors sometimes climb the steps in the middle, praying at every step; more pragmatic ones walk up normally or take one of the free shuttle buses from the base.
Inside there are essentially two large churches one atop the other, as well as side chapels including the candlelit hall leading to Frère André's tomb."

Then one lesson I've learned--(I actually forgot) is to make a hotel reservation esp. during the long weekend because we spend a lot of time finding a place to stay for the whole night since all the hotels ( big and small) were all fully booked.... But luckily, we were able to find one... Very small pero ok na rin...($90/day)---Puwede na?.... I was expecting an internet access that's why I had my laptop with me..(.ano ba!!!! cheap nga ang hotel no!!!! )

Montreal is a quiet and a small place. The street are narrow and there's a stop light in almost every 1km.. Geee...And then people here and there...Strictly no turning left or right until the green light is on.... Different in Toronto which makes me confused ....lol... I like it there but I'm used here in Toronto with wide streets and Hi-ways....

We had our dinner in Laval Quebec ( forgot to bring my camera), because we were invited by the relatives of my husband's friend---Cambodian's food are very much the same as our food. We ate baked Tilapia with fish sauce (hmmmm yum, yum)--- Then we went back to the hotel to sleep for a couple of hours for another long trip going home--- by the way, we picked our dog on our way home kaya amoy aso kami pag dating namin ng bahay!!!! hahhaha!!!

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