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Friday, September 7, 2007

Earn By Blogging

This is the bus stop few steps away from our house.. It is about 8:30PM and it is already dark while it was only last week when I went out at this time, and I can still see some light--- Ohh I forgot that it is already SEPTEM---BER. BER means a lot of events are coming--- WINTER!!!!--- SNOW!!!!!---( ngiiiiiii--- cold!!!)-- Halloween ( fun for my kids), my kids b-day, my hubby's b-day, X-mas and New year (not fun for my pocket) lol----
I wasn't able to post something yesterday here because I got so busy blog hopping and registering to some blog ranking to help increase my blog traffic.. I was so into this blog since 2005 on my friendster- IT's Fun--- Though I wanted to updated my blog more often, but I wasn't comfortable knowing that the people on my list will recieve a notification from their email everytime I update my blog... I created a small site in TRIPOD because I wanted to design my own layout and post everything I want there--- And I want to have different background for each post--- Then I become more and more addicted to it--- But both of them are private because I am too shy to expose my thoughts... I got a little bored just doing blogs myself and only few of my freinds do blogs--- So I started blog hopping from different blog sites and learned that there are lots of bloggers who earn money by blogging..... Oh GOd!!!! this is so cool!!!!--- it is not really my intention to make money from blogging but if I can earn some?---- well blogging itself is fun already how much more if I can get some money from it ..... I was denied by this one paid to blog website because they said that the blog I got here is still very new since I only started my blogspot about 3 weeks ago - And their minimum requirements is about 90 days old.... Devastated of course---but then who cares? I am still having fun and 90 days is not far while having fun blogging----- Hearing one of my co-bloggers to say that $20 is already something in the Philipines because it is equivalent to about Php900 already, makes me more inspired and motivated to blog---I dont care even if I only earn $10 dollars because , as I've said, blogging itself is fun already-- but my hope to have more earnings through this fun hobby of mine will always be in my daily thoughts...

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Shyyen said...

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