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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Message

Me and hubby were requested again for the second time, to bring the bread and wine infront of the altar.. I like this because I feel like I'm serving God in a very little way--
The Sunday message today is about Luke 14:25-33-- I was listening to the priest and the interpretation is quite clear and simple- Funny that when we say "I do", we should ask ourselves if " we really do" and we shouldn't mistaken "I do" to "maybe I do" or "I will try"--- We have to stop comparing ourselves to anything or to anybody. Detached ourselves to material living, fame and all those things that can drive us to loose our commitement in our Faith or even drive us to do evil things---Instead, we should focus ourselves to our commitment in our faith in God. So before we say "I do" we should ask ourselves first if we really do....

I will go to bed now and prepare myself for another battle in my workplace--- I'll be back tomorrow for another thought..

1 comment:

Dave Lucas said...

Sorry to hear of your internet and work problems. God never gives us more weight than we can bear to carry!