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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Angel Send Me To This Blogging World

I got another approved bid to blog ..weeeee!!!!! This is really exciting for me from the bottom of my heart. I really think an angel send me to this blogging world.. lol... But I got some worries behind and I really hope it will be over soon.

My husband didn't want me to use our bank account to receive payment from paypal so I have to open a new account yesterday. I still have to wait 3 to 5 days to confirm the verification of my bank account by paypal for security reason and that's ok. They said that if the account number didn't went through or something is wrong, I will be charged $30...geeee!!! I dont have that earning yet in blogging and I have to pay $30...lol... So I am crossing my fingers that everything will be ok. I am so excited to receive that payment. You know what will I do to that small amount? I will give it to my high school bestfriend in the Philippines. She have 3 kids and a failure marriage ( irresponsible husband and a father). I send her money whenever I have extra from my pocket; $10 or $20 dollars is already something in the Phlippines. I am just sending it to her together with my letter via airmail. Quite risky but we always cross our fingers that it wont get lost. I am also sending a little extra to my niece. I sometimes send it together and just ask my niece to contact my bestfriend to pick it up.

Oh well I am tired today. After work, I went straight to our family doctor for my annual medical check up. Then I have to go back on Friday for ultra sound and x-ray. I used to have a bladder problem so it's just part of monitoring and I am not pregnant..lol.... Then probably sometime next week I have to come back for blood test.. Now this part really scares me!!!! ....
Ok folks, I will go to bed now and prepare myself for another battle at work tonight. I'll see you tomorrow again for another blogging thoughts...Have n nice blogging day!!! muahhhhhh

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Anonymous said...

a am green with envy!

emanrais said...

Hi Ester, you have to be a romantic lady. Nice to see you.