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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I hate this feeling..somebody ruined my day again.. It is hard, so hard that I dont know how long I can stand this...I dont really want to hate someone esp.this person...But this person is pushing me.. I dont know if it was an intention or what.... Talking behind , but doesn't want to be talked behind--Guilty of everything in short sooo paranoid---- Negative to everything that makes her so touchy-- what kind of mind is that...Everything that comes out in my mouth means something against --- which makes me soooo uncomfortable being around this person...Look at yourself and all the things that you say and do, before being so sensitive about everything around you---- Should I talk to you? Or should I just let it go and pretend that everything is fine -- You can never be the same person as I expected before, because I know how negative your thoughts are... Feeling guilty? Guilty of talking behind my back? Saying "shhhhh dont tell Ester about this"..... Common, I know you very well---but it is ok, they wont hear anything from me about you--- dwell to your guilt for talking behind me!!!!!

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