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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Upbraided Tone

This is Sunnybrook Hospital located at Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Canada. I brought my father here to see his Cardiovascular Surgeon. It was my first time to come here and it was a huge hospital. Here in Toronto, the usual problem we have when seeing a Medical Specialits is---- WAITING!!!. The parking fee is $3.50/half an hour..geee!!! So I just decided to drop my father infront of the main entrance and asked him to call me when everything is done. I actually brought some pillow with me so I can sleep inside the Van while waiting for him.. lol... But I was surprised that it didn't took long for me to wait outside the Hospital facilities So I still have time to blog about my thoughts for the day.

A lesson I learn for today?...." when you give anything to someone, never expect that person anything in return, even a single penny "... I was talking to a friend on the phone while waiting for my father. Many times I heard her complaining about the expenses and time she spend for her cousin just to get here in Canada. She was even complaining that her cousin never give her any money when found a job here in Canada. Few days ago, she was quite happy to tell me that her cousin have been sharing some house expenses like sugar, milk, coffee... But yesterday when she asked her cousin for a penny to take for work to buy a snack, her cousin told her instead, to bring some food from their kitchen...hahahhaha... in short, her cousin didn't give her a single penny.. She feel soooo bad about it thinking that she spend more than a thousand dollar and even paid for her cousin's airfare.... Hearing her upbraided tone, made me want to throw her some questions like.. "Then why did you helped her?".. "You should have known her by now"... But I didn't, because I might make her feel worst...I think she expects some appreciation too soon and in her expected appreciated way. Sometimes it takes time for someone to realize how much was given to them. And sometimes, we have our own unique way thanking someone. Maybe not now, but later they probably will. They may not show it, but they know in their heart, they owe you a lot...

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Anonymous said...

hey, dropping by to see how you are. the parking fee is quite expensive. well, i think it is.