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Monday, September 24, 2007

Blogging Makes Life More Interesting

Blogging is one of my hobby and being paid is just one thing to be happy about. Whenever I bid for a product from advertizer, I choose only the products that I am interested in. I cannot promote a product that doesn't interest me at all. I dont want to sound like a trying hard blogger who is desparate to be paid. I do this by checking the website of the product before I bid. Funny but I find most of the products from the advertizers to be useful to me and my love ones, either today or in the near future. I blog products like I blog my daily thoughts.

I actually avoid talking about this blogging hobby to some of the people that I am in contact with simply because they dont seem to be interested about it. I sometimes feel that most of the people around me doesn't want to talk about topics that I find interesting, that's why I do a lot of blog hopping. Here I can get interesting topics to put into my head. Talking about other people's life sometimes is fun but to do it every single moment of your life is already a dupeness. My mind is too pre-oocupied by interesting blogs where I can get knowledge to improve my daily living on earth -to mind others hate, jealousy and envious thoughts about someone.

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Anonymous said...

lucky you you got so many paid blogging sites to choose from. i'm stuck with ReviewMe because of paypal. not that i'm complaining but i couldn't possibly explore because of paypal's limited features here in the PH. =(

roentarre said...

It in deed also makes my life interesting!