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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bad Favorites

Before I left home for work I ate about 25 pieces of "DIBS"...I dont know what's with this bite size ice cream that make me so addicted. My daughter Kimberly was the one who introduced it to me when we were in Wonderland--- The flavor was vanilla- I was looking for vanilla flavor at the grocery store yesterday and I couldn't find one. Then I saw this new flavor "Role".... waaaaaa!!!! more yummy than vanilla.... I'm gaining weight....HELP!!!!!

Then at the subway station, I stopped by at "Tim Horton" to buy one double double coffee (double cream and double sugar) and one chocolate dip donout--- waaaaaa!!!! another calorie!!!! I'm fat...Help!!!!!

Here's is another tempting fattening food that I always see in Eglinton subway station that I cannot resist "CINNABON"---- thank God there's a line up and my work is more important that this sugary bread stick..lol.... I'll be LATE!!!! ... I'll see you tomorrow.....

This is probably why there's a lot of obese people here in Canada... Because of these tempting delicious food.. Hirap talaga iwasan.. grabe!!!!