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Monday, September 10, 2007

Pay to Blog

When I posted a blog about being denied by one pay to blog site, one of my cobloggers Shyyen, gave me an advice to sign up to sponsoredreview and I did .. I've been checking my email for a couple of days now to see their response from my application and finally when I checked my email today, I got the approval of Sponsoredreview. It's just that I still couldn't find out how to post their banner to my site. So I just paste and copy one of their banner so I can post it on this blog. I am just waiting for 3 advertiser to approve my bid. This is so exciting for me because blogging is just my hobby and getting paid for it is just amazing... You just dont know how addicted I am to blogging and designing my site. But for 2 weeks I have neglected updating my friendster blog and my site because I've been busy looking for links and ranking site for this blog ..I want to learn more about this pay to blog thing and get more insight and tips. I'm having so much fun while learning. I just feel bad because I only have a couple of hours to sit infront of my computer to do all the things I want to do with my blog. Well I am a working mom--What do you expect

Aside from my world in blogging and being a working housewife, I also want to share some of the thoughts I have for today--- I think I had made someone smile although my heart says it is different now- My wrong expectation to how someone should accept me for who I am has made some damaged inside me. I didn't want to make a big issue, so I try to make myself to be the same person as always to someone, and just accept the fact that--- Being a friend to someone is easy to do, but finding a friend for myself is the hardest part.

I will end my blogging world for now, since this is my cleaning day---

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Villager said...

I've only been blogging for a few months (since mid-January). I enjoy it quite abit. The idea of monetizing my blog is exciting. I am convinced that the key is (a) good, solid content. Ensure that your posts are good and that you feel proud of them. Second, it helps to create a community that is interested and willing to come back often (daily?).

Anyhow, I have just recently learned of your blog. I look forward to reading from you more often in the future!

peace, Villager