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Friday, October 31, 2014

Pain After Vacation

Vacation is over, and I am back to reality of my busy life. I have so many things to do but I cannot do it because of my stiff shoulder and neck. I feel a a lot better now after my massage and chiropractic adjustment yesterday, but headache is still slowing me down. I did my exercise this morning to help loosen up my stiff muscles and I feel great since I have been wanting do my workout for quite sometime now. I hope this is already a good start.

I am sure that those people who keeps snooping on others people lives are furious to learn that I was absent for 2 nights right after my vacation. Racing their eyebrow !!!! hahhahaha!! Who cares??? This is my life and I will do what I want.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Avoiding More Complication

I was having a conversation with my hubby's drinking buddies last Saturday night, who happen to be my friends too at work. I didn't took a picture to post on Facebook anymore for lesser Hate from my haters.

Just talking about someone and realized that it is really a lot better to avoid socializing to people whom I feel I shouldn't trust. Not because I hate them but to avoid more complication.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hating For Nothing

Seeing those pictures makes me HATE and I know I shouldn't, so I WON'T. Everything is just about MIND SET. I Hate it but I shouldn't coz it doesn't have anything to do with my life.

So I don't know why my haters keep hating me even if I have nothing to do with their lives. Being me has nothing to do with anything with them. They should realize that hating someone won't do anything. And the worst thing is, making me see their hate on me makes me feel I am important, and I have everything that they should be jealous of even if I don't have anything to be jealous of. hahhaha!!

So wake up My Haters, you are just making me feel Important. You are Hating me For Nothing

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Deleted and Add Request Again?

Funny how some people on my list delete me and then add me again. This happen more than 2 to three times with this person. I don't know why he have the guts to delete me and request to add him again... Oh my goodie!!!

So I accepted his request again only to find out that he is just trying to show off something. hahahahhaha!!!! So does it mean that, he can't stand things that I post with my life, that he thought is a sign of showing off?, so he deleted me, and now that he has something to show off, he added me so I can see it? hahahhahaha!!!

Life can never be perfect. Everyone's life has ups and down. That's life. Its how to face those ups and down is what matter. So we shouldn't care about how other people run their life, and just be happy with what we have.

So bring it on and show it off. The question is, can you handle what you see? Whether its material or not, look at yourself why you have to delete someone just because you can't handle the smile and happiness in their posts. Masama mainggit sa kapwa!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Confusion Of Acceptance

Temporary insanity, confusion and destruction on my regular daily routine is what causing all these time. I guess I finally have the answer but just having some hard time accepting it. I will try my best not to be destructed this time now that I know I shouldn't. I will continue my life as it is and be happy for what God has given me.

At least now I know, it's not a choice but something that can not be control by the mind. It was just this doubt that is keeping me out of accepting it. I was so traumatize by these prolonged believe that it was just an illusion of happiness. Continues destruction of happiness. Oh God help me get through these. Thank you for all the blessings

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Which Path

Everything is quiet around me except for what is inside me. Smiling on the outside but completely confuse from the inside. I don't know how to take everything. But something inside is trying to shout for justice; for some answers....WHY?

Something tells me it's not fair. Something tells me it's going to happen again and makes me so afraid. Something tells me, I should turn away and go on a new path. But just can't seems to figure out which path is the right path.

Is this a message from God that I have to learn something from? A change in ME?? I can't see where and how and why?

Monday, September 1, 2014

How Long?

I was viber chatting with my friend about her divorce with her husband. How she was able to cope up after 23 years of marriage. Just fall out of love due to lack of understanding, respect about each others needs.

How long do we have to stay in a relationship that is not functioning as we wanted it to be? How long do we have to shallow what we believe that is right in return of staying in a relationship?

A never ending questions that only US can answer.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Show Me The Way

I don't know if this is a miracle, but I just feel healed before and after the household meeting. I just hope that God hear all my pains. I pray that he will show the way according to his will because right now, I am totally lost. It's like a never ending going back and forth which makes me feel that it needs to end. And if it is really the message, then I pray to show me how. And if it is not, then show me the way.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dark Room

Still in the dark trying to find my way out from this misery. Is it just me?? Is it just me who is locking myself in this dark room?

I am trying my best to understand and accept, but time comes where I just cant help it but feel the pain.

I feel so alone.,, Noone is beside me whom I can lean on. Someone that I know I can depend on when I am getting lost and need some guidance

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Whisper Of Gossip

I can see someone whispering here and there. It's an obvious whisper of a gossip about someone hahhahhahha!!! I am so glad I don't have to hear any of those petty whispering about someone. I am so tired of these environment already. My life is so quiet now and so happy about it.

My mind is so focus on my life's issues and all the important things I need to focus on with my life.

I know that daily living can never be perfect, but as long as I distance myself with these nonsense talk, I am good!!!

I don't care about anyone's life and whatever they do with themselves!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mocking Me

I just find it so interesting when I know within me that I really don't care about anybody on that place, yet an insecure woman can still see me... The funniest thing is when I heard her mock me,, hahhahah!!! I know it's me but I know what it means!!!! Hate!! Hate for nothing!!! Smiling at me and hating me behind my back, hahhaha!!! What a shame!!

I don't think I can give a nice smile to someone I hate, but she does!!! Isn't that a suffering??? And why does she Hate me?? It's probably because she can see something in me that she don't have, or she probably have, but hate to see in me.. waaahahahahah... My back is STRAIGHT!!! My spinal cord is STRAIGHT!!! hahahha!!!

I just go there to do my thing, and go home..

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happiness Is Us

It's annoying to hear someone talk indirectly about praying to be happy each day.He said it as if he was trying to rely his happiness on me??? What does he think of me??? A clown???..

Happiness starts with us. It's only us who can make ourselves happy and nobody else. And it's not everyday that you expect that life can be pleasing. Life sometimes makes us lonely and sad.
So he shouldn't expect me to be happy all the time knowing that I am going through some rough time in my life.

I hate it when someone is depending on me. Specially this kind of stupid way of thinking. Because I have nothing to do with anyone's happiness.

Standard Of My Life

Is it over? This is the never ending question in my head because I feel it will never end because of the so called NATURE that don't know, or I should say stupid enough to know my standard of RESPECT of feeling, all these time.

Yes, it is simple my standard that is probably bothering me inside. It is simply because I know exactly what I want and what I don't want in my life. I always try my best to understand everything and everyone around me without setting aside or forgetting what I want.

There is always an end to everything because everyone has a breaking point that love alone is not the answer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feeling Of Betrayal

That feeling that you thought you have a best friend for the rest of your life then suddenly it turn out that, this person is the one who will betray you and break your heart so deeply.

Everything makes you feel lost in a very dark room where you don't know where and how to get out.

Still hanging on with so much hope, wish and prayers that this struggle will soon end.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life's Test

Life can never be perfect. I have been so happy and I was at the peck of my happiness until a test of life comes in, to challenge my faith. I have expected this to come because I know I am at the pick of my happiness and I thought that happiness will never end until this test of life comes in.

Oh yeeah, life can never be perfect. I know that my haters are so happy and so eager to know what ruins my happiness and I am not stupid to go on a detail of my life's issue. But right now, I am still alive and having so much hope that all this problems will be gone and more happiness will come,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wait For Mercy

I thought it would be fun to update this blog for my regular snoopers or I should say, HATERS!!! hehehheeh

Nothing much here to say but simply peaceful and so happy. It's so good to be with someone who I feel is a real friend to me. Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. As long as I know that he is not a hater, negative, fake, envious, greedy and most of all, happy for me, then everything is good.

I just hope SHE will learn that life is all about being grateful for everything that God has given to us. Being happy for someone is a sign of gratefulness.

Being angry and negative about the things that you see from others, that you dont have, is a sign of negativity and enviousness.

Stop hating and judging other people specially those that didn't do any wrong to you. Look at yourself first before looking at someone...

Clean your heart and stop feeling for revenge. Focus on your life and wait until God see the pureness of your heart's desire and he will eventually have mercy on you.

I've been there and I know how it feels to be in the Dark. I can't thank God enough for all the wonderful things I have learned. I am now the Happiest.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Work

Hmmm it's Sunday once again and I am ready to go to bed in a bit.  Just some thoughts for my crazy snoopers. I am on my happiest because everything are falling in the right places. God is so goos

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's My Blessing

Just so funny how she reacted seeing my new signature bag.. She just can't compete so she have to go near to someone she thought would have more money that I do. Isn't that so stupid??? hahahah I wonder how she know who have more than the other? hahahhaha

I am just a regular hard working housewife who have a hardworking husband. We save and dont spend more than what we earn. I am so happy that me and my husband can provide what our kids need without disturbing anyone. It's a blessing.

It's also a blessing to have the opportunity to work double time so I can provide more for me and my family. So it's not a question why I can buy few luxury things for myself because I deserve it.

What about you bitch? Everything I have is your opposite.. It's your karma for being so ingitera!!!! It's your karma for being so ungrateful and unthankful for everything that God has given you. Buti nga sa iyo!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quiet Life

I am so happy.. I feel so free from toxic person always beside me. So jealous. So envious. Pakielamera, ingitera... My life is so quiet now. I really dont care what other people say about me being close with a male instead of a female friend. These kind of thinking is so shallow. All I know is that, my life is soooo quiet.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I am Not Like You

It's so funny how jealous and envious crazy beast it can be.. hahahhahaha. She always thought we are the same... hahahahah I never borrowed any money from anyone on that place... It's not me... Nothing wrong with that actually, but it's insane the way she treated all these people who lend her money.

When someone lend you some money, it means that this someone helped you at the time that you needed some help. Even if you were able to return the money, you can never repay the time and trust that someone has given you when you needed their help. It is so unsoulful to treat someone as bad for such a shallow reason after all the help that was given. NO WONDER KARMA never left her life.. hahhahaha!!!

Hahahaha, go ahead pray for my failure Coz I know it will never happen to me bitch!!! I am not like you!! I am so blessed and you are curse because of your stupid evilness!! buti nga sa iyo!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Karma

Here is the thing for the beast:

Minsan may nagtanong, "Bakit ka nagtyatyagang kasama siya?"
Ang sagot ko, "Masarap kasi manood ng KARMA"
Kaso sa sarap ng aking panonood ng KARMA,
Naisahan ako at naharang ang inaasahan kong pera, hehehehe

Sa awa, asawa ko'y tumulong para maibalik naharang kong pera
Nakakalungkot ng panoorin, lagpas ulo niyang Karma
Pero sadyang tulad niya'y talagang may katapat na karma
Kaya di ako nagtataka, di nagtagal ang itinulong ng aking asawa

Kaya ng maibalik naharang kong pera, asawa ko'y nagsalita na
"Iwasan mo na sila, alam mo namang wala silang kwenta"
Unti unti akong umiiwas ng may ngiti at tuwa,
Umaasang tahimik na makaiwas at may pangunawa

Kaso talagang walang kwenta and taong lulon sa problema
Pagkain ay grasya ng Diyos na di dapat ipagdamot
Pakielamera kaya nakalimot siyang BAON ko ang ipinagdadamot niya.. hahhahaha
Tuturuan pa ba akong magdamot? Para ano? Matulad sa kanya?

Dasal ko lang sana'y matuto siyang magpakumbaba
Sa dami ng tumulong sa kanyang, patuloy niyang winawalanghiya
Di ako nagtataka, walang labasan ang problema ng buhay niya
Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Everything is going on the right places.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Greedy Like a Beast

So funny how stupid greedy people act like an angry beast for food.. hahahhaha!!!! So cheap!!! Finally, I am far from her!!! God is good... I tried helping her by showing the difference between right and wrong, but looks like she is trying to drag me to the dark side... hahahahah!!! Ohhhhhh leave me alone!!!

People look, people think, people talk... Do not believe everything that your eyes can see!! Because all these years, I never consider her as a friend. Not my level!!! It's a normal thing for me and my husband to HELP whoever needs it. Me and this greedy beast are totally different people.. OBVIOUSLY!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Orders That Makes Me Busy

I am suddenly receiving orders for some reasons. It's making me sooo freakingly busy. Good thing I only have one order to make today and I dont think I can make it until maybe on Tuesday. Gzzzz, this is realy kinda stressful but I have to make it or people will hate me for having a webstore that only accepts payments. Ahhhh!!! I don't have the heart to put down my webstore. I worked so hard for it....

Anyway, for my snoopers of my life through my blogs, I am pretty sure that they are hating me for having these extra opportunities to have extra income, and happy to learn that I am stress for all the work load... hahahhaah!!! God bless you..

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Always Wishing For More

Always wishing for a lot of money. Her life revolves around money. That's she don't have any, no matter how hard she work hard... She always end nothing...

It's because she is no happy with her life. She is never satisfied because she always wants more. She buy things she can not afford. She spend more than she earn.

She is jealous about anything to anyone... The looks... The way of living... and many more... She is bitter!!!

Do you know who you are? Ask yourself, and if your eyebrows goes together, the it is you.. Admit it so you can start changing your life.

Be humble... Avoid hating.. Be happy.. Appreciate what you have... Be thankful of what you have... and most of all, dont compare yourself and your life to anybody...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Strong For The Sorroundings

Two more nights and I will beback to work.. I am not really excited about that. I wish I can go away with that place not because I hate what I do. but the freaky environment. I am not saying I like what I do, but I can live with that since I have been doing it for many years now. The atmosphere most of the time, is what makes the work hard.

Ahhh, I am ready for another battle.. Complaining won't help but preparing to be strong will do. I need to be strong and hard hearted.. Not what I want, but what I need... Strong in the sense that I should close my eyes and ear by not being affected to all the nonsense things around. Strong not to mind what other people say and think and keep being ME..