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Sunday, May 11, 2014

I am Not Like You

It's so funny how jealous and envious crazy beast it can be.. hahahhahaha. She always thought we are the same... hahahahah I never borrowed any money from anyone on that place... It's not me... Nothing wrong with that actually, but it's insane the way she treated all these people who lend her money.

When someone lend you some money, it means that this someone helped you at the time that you needed some help. Even if you were able to return the money, you can never repay the time and trust that someone has given you when you needed their help. It is so unsoulful to treat someone as bad for such a shallow reason after all the help that was given. NO WONDER KARMA never left her life.. hahhahaha!!!

Hahahaha, go ahead pray for my failure Coz I know it will never happen to me bitch!!! I am not like you!! I am so blessed and you are curse because of your stupid evilness!! buti nga sa iyo!!

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