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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making Your Time Valuable

I am so excited to make my soap using my new wooden soap mold, but I really don't have the time. I might not order the soap ingredients that I will use for the wooden soap mold because I have so many things to do this coming week. I have to prepare the RST documents of my business to file before the end of March. I still have not read the papers that they send me on how to file the RST. I hope to finish filling up the form this week.

The month of February has ended and I still have not updated some of my blogs. I also did not submit any of my blogs to any directories this month. I don't know if I will still have the time to do any of this in March since I will be busier for the moving. I hope that the closing date will be final on March 12 so I can organize everything and start doing all the work that I wasn't able to do.

I am so busy to have time for any non-sense things. I was just wondering why people like them have the time to snoop around other's peoples life. It is just an indication how lifeless their lives are on wasting so much time snooping on my life. Don't they have any exciting things to do when they are not at work?

Here is what you need to do, to take your eye off my life. Why don't you try to do some projects at home, as a hobby so you will always look forward going home and doing those projects, like what I am doing?

I make cosmetics and having fun playing with different colors and scent. I am having so much satisfaction whenever I have a wonderful finish products and be able to make extra income from it. I blog and proudly announce to the world the benefits of the wonderful product that I just created and hope to have someone to appreciate it. And I am so happy that some people do appreciate it.

Why don't you make clothes for your kids or make some beautifuly designed curtains or table clothes for your house, or bedsheets, or pillow cases.

You can start a hobby in photography and learn how to decorate it using some software. Have it framed and display it in your house.

Or you can create a little garden in your house so even if it is winter, you can still enjoy growing your flowers or plants.

There are thousands of things that you can do to enjoy your life at home. Don't waste your time visiting my blogs and find something to judge me for. Blogging is one of my hobby that I really enjoy while making few extra bucks.

I may not like you but I never ruin you, like what you are doing to me. You must realize that people that you talked to, to try to ruin me are not stupids. They know if you are telling stupid things or not. They will not hate me just because you hate me!!!! If you think that there is something that I need to realized, then let it God do it because you are not in the position to tell or do something to anyone that what they are doing is right or wrong because you are just one sinner like me and anyone in this world.

This is my blog and I will write whatever goes into my head and thoughts. I may be wrong or I may be right, but I never ruin anyone's life and reputation like what you are doing to a lot of people. What you thought may not be true so you have no right to say words that are just from your head that are full of judgement.

Before you say what kind of person I am, ask that to yourself first. What kind of person are you to waste your time for things that will not even help you and your family in anyway?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pray The Rosary With Me

I feel sad just thinking about that the Blessed Virgin Mary Statue will be taken by someone tomorrow. I will get her again when we move to Mississauga.

She inspired me to regularly pray the rosary again and I will try my best to do this everyday before I do anything when I get home from work. It just gives me peace of mind.

It's been so many years since I regularly pray the rosary. That was when I was an active member of Legion Of Mary. Many years has passed and praying the rosary just skipped my mind. I guess this is just her way to remind me to start praying the rosary again.

So why don't you just pray the rosary instead of trying to find something that should be out of your business. Praying the rosary might be more worthy of doing than snooping around someone's mind.

Pray the Rosary with me my friends. Heal your heart with so much jealousy, ego, pride, envy etc. Pride on who is beautiful, great, nice, etc.. Ego on who is better than the other.

No matter what you do, there will always something that me and you will have and will not have. Judging me is like judging yourself!! Look at your mess before looking on mine. Pray the rosary and LET US ASK for forgiveness. Not from me or you BUT from GOD!!!

Look at yourself first before saying, this is hypocrisy. Because only God will know what is really inside us.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Filing Some Documents

Yay, the month of February is almost done and I still have not spend time reading and learning how to file the RST of my business. I will try my best to read all the documents tonight until the weekend. Then I will prepare everything for filing before the end of March.

I need to do all the necessary things for legality. This is how serious I am in making my business way to success. And I have a very strong feeling that this business will grow. Nothing is impossible with GOD along with my hard work and dedication plus.... intelligence!!

Sorry for those of you who know me in real life, who are raising their eyebrows right now. Sorry for you who keeps snooping into my blog to know what is going on with my life.

My happiness is overflowing with all the orders I am receiving. I am so happy for all those customers who keep returning to order for larger size. I am so happy to hear that they love my products.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Papaya Body Butter and Soap

I made my lovely Papaya Body Butter. I will post this on my webstore when I have the chance. I love combining this to my Olive Papaya Soap and the result on my skin is divine.

I love making my own cosmetics. It's just so fun and relaxing. I love it even more to be able show and offer it to the world.

I am so surprise whenever people buy my products. I am more happily surprised when someone return and order for more.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

All Natural Cosmetics 4u

Some people in my real world think that I am crazy to start my own Natural Cosmetics. Some people think that it will be impossible to have someone to buy and like my products. But guess what?

After one year of working so hard in building my webstore to offer my Natural Cosmetics for everyone, here I am, continously receiving orders. There are people who have been returning to order for more after trying my products.

These are all Handmade Natural Cosmetics made specially for people who have sensitive skin like me.

I made my Natural Facial Care specially for people who have Sensitive, Oily and Acne Prone skin.

I offer different Natural Skin Care products for people who have dry skin, or people who have been looking for good quality natural products for very affordable price, to pamper their skin in a mild and natural ways.

I also provide different Natural Cosmetics Making Ingredients for people who are looking for good quality natural ingredients in making their own cosmetics, with very affordable price.

Whether for personal or business use, my website is open for everyone.

Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my wonderful Natural Cosmetics.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sponsor A Child

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SEO 5 Consulting. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am so happy to have my twin girls in my life. I can not ask for more for giving me such a nice, healthy and smart kids. Like my children, I am lucky to have the things I need that other children can't have.

Every day, my heart is breaking to see and look at the poorest regions of the world. About 25,000 children under 5 die because they lack access to things we take for granted – clean water, sanitation, medicine, and food.

Me and my family have been wanting to sponsor a child. Plan Canada is asking for HELP !!! By sponsoring a child, we can help an entire community of children leave poverty behind. For just $35 a month, you can invest in grassroots programs that will help local people build schools, train teachers, empower girls, dig wells, run health clinics, start small businesses, and much more.

Plan programs in 66 countries, will give children, families and communities the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and build sustainable solutionsto improve their lives.

Plan to change the world by sponsoring a child today. We can change the world NOW !!! Please visit http://bit.ly/hrRkR and help our less fortunate brothers and sisters.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Money For The Marketing Of Products and Services

Thank God, for one big order that I have been waiting before this month end. God heard my prayers and I now have the money to start the blog advertising for my website.

I'm actually done setting up an advertiser's account with two blog advertising company. I am just waiting for the money to start the campaign and start the ball rolling.

This ia what I've been talking about on my other blog. Starting a business is not a joke. You have to have specific goal and keep your mind focus on that goal. Keep working hard and continue learning how to achieve that goal.

Any diploma or certificate will never be enough to have the FULL KNOWLEDGE that you need in running your business to success. EXPERIENCE is the best knowledge on every type of business in this world. AND LIKE WHAT I'VE SAID..... BEST EXPERIENCE NEVER HAPPEN OVER NIGHT!!! It takes time and a lot of work.

Yes, I have been receiving orders and the money that I am getting from my business doesn't go all directly into my pocket.... YET!!... It goes to the improvement of my products and services through customer's demand.

And now, I am spending some of the money I am earning, for the online marketing or online advertising campaign of my webstore to gain more authority on major Search Engines to get qualified visitors for my products.

When we move to Mississauga, I will start saving money to start the offline advertising of my products.

Now you know my friends, why I can not quit my job YET!!!!!! It's not yet time and it's NOT a smart thing to do!!! And I AM SMART!!! lols..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seeking For Forgiveness

I sometimes feel bad for not being able to accept somethings inside me and I hope God will forgive me on this. It's hard to forget something even though inside my head, everything should be forgiven because everything is already a history. I probably have not forgiven them 100% but God knows that I am trying to soften my heart for forgiveness. I really hope that soon, I will find the real forgiveness in my heart for them. I probably should just stop talking about it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Working On Valentine and Family Day

Me and my family had our lunch at Asian Buffet to celebrate Valentine and Family day. Then bought few grocery stuffs that we will consume for the whole week.

I am finally done arranging my basement and put all my products together in one place. It makes a lot of difference when everything is together which saves me time when processing orders. I can imagine how easier my life will be in running my business when we move to our new house, because I will have my own kitchen to use in making my products.

I did a lot of changes and added new products on my website. My back hurts for sitting in front of my computer the whole day since yesterday.

It's hard to manage one website and at the same time manage my own products. But so far, all my hard work is paying off. I have two orders to process and ship on Tuesday.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog PR After 2 Years

Am I dreaming? Is this true? Wow, after about 2 years, it seems that the page rank of this blog bump up from PR#0 to PR#3...I was wondering why I am receiving so many opps from most of my sponsors. I thought it was a mistake. So I thought of looking at the PR bar and then I realized that this blog receives a PR#3.

Well thank you!!! I actually never expect any PR from this blog anymore. But even if I am not expecting to receive PR from this blog, never did I thought of deleting this blog because this is my very first public blog. This is where I started my journey in making money online and all my personal thoughts. I learned so many things from this blog and it will really break my heart if this blog will be gone.

Anyway, thank you again for the PR#3 and I really hope that all my blogs will continue to increase it's PR.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Make Your Daliy Life Worthy

It's very obvious, it's not only her but most of them have been following some of my blogs.Well, thank you for taking your time to follow my life. Enjoy reading and wish me luck for all my endeavors. I just wish that all of you will just be happy for me. As you see, most of the things that you can read on my blogs are all about my dreams, wishes and hopes.

My journey in making money online has been part of my everyday life. There are ups and downs but so far, my new endeavors as an online merchants have given me a big window to make my wishes, dreams and hopes to come into reality.

I just wish you can be happy for me. But the more I realized how some of you have been wasting your time to read my life, the more you are hating me. Why? Are my daily journey of learning new things bother you? Am I disturbing your life? Did I tell you to waste your time reading my blogs?

Or are you just simply afraid to admit that I am good on something. That I am better than you. Than I am not wasting my time like you, in reading and judging someone's life rather than focusing on your life into more worthy things to do. Make your daily life worth living. Make good on something instead of judging my life!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Progress Of My Business

I can't believe that one customer from Australia will order that big amount with the expensive cost of shipping. Now I have to order to my supplier, the ingredients that she ordered from my website. I have two orders to pick up today and ship it today as well.

I am sooooo happy with the progress of my online business. Once we moved and finish setting up my basement for my business, I will start promoting my website on and off the internet.

I will also create different products, colors, scent and flavors every week. I will never stop working and dreaming that soon, all my dreams of doing this business on full-time will come into reality. Nothing happen in just one click. it should all come from hard work and dedications.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dream That Is Coming True

I have two orders to make and I am waiting for one payment confirmation from Australia. I will wait for the confirmation until tomorrow morning before I place the order to my supplier so I can pick it up and ship all the orders before 12noon. For the meantime, I will make one order since I have the ingredients right now.

I am so happy with all the orders I am receiving. I sometimes can't believe that after a year of hard work and dedications together with some frustrations, here I am, receiving orders from different part of the world. Everything is going to what I have been expecting

If they will read this, they will surely say "SO WHY DON'T YOU QUIT YOUR JOB NOW?".. Why will do that, if my store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can receive orders even if I am at work. Beside, my sales is not that big yet to quit my full-time job. I am not stupid to quit my job right now because my business is very new. I will quit my job at the right time.

Every business takes years of continous work and dedication before everything happen. For a one year old webstore, I really think mine is doing great!!! My sales is supporting all the financial needs to improve my products and services. I just recently withdraw some money to use on my personal/family financial needs. I am pretty sure that, before the end of this year, my sales can support both the business and my family financial needs.

I always believe that what I have started is worth spending time and effort. I am so happy with the progress. All that I have worked for is paying off. I have more confidence now than ever. This is going to be a dream come true. SOON!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Not What You Sell, It's How You Sell It!!

I can't believe how things fall into pieces to give me another proof. Her obvious hate for me by visiting some of my blogs. She was striked by one of my posts about selling some beauty stuffs in a cheap way!!! hahhahah!!! Is that how you see it? That selling my beauty products is odd? Odd because it doesn't have any branded name?

For all I know, I might be selling more than you do without opening my mouth about it. A simple combination of intelligence, talent, perseverance and faith is all what it take.

This way of selling products online is only ODD for brainless people!!! Everything can be sold on the internet, only if you know how to sell it. Because it's not WHAT you sell, but HOW you sell it is the key to sell any products on and off the internet.

HOW? tell me about it!!! Every human beings have brains, you just have to learn how to use it. Call me arrogant, but I am using my brain because I am selling my products online, whether you like it or not!! Believe it or not!!! I sometimes can't believe it, but it's true, and my sales are improving each month!! And I know it will improve more, because I am here to stay and continue to work on this business!!! Not because of money alone, but because of personal satisfaction of achieving and proving something to myself that "EVERYTHINGS IS POSSIBLE" if you want to make it happen with God's help!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hobby For Business

My paypal account is empty. I transfer all my online stores savings to my bank account because I need to add that money to our account before the closing day. I have to make more sales before the moving because I am planning to buy the wooden soap mold I will use for my soaping hobby and business.

It will take 2 to 3 weeks before I receive the wooden soap mold, so I hope that within that week, I will be able to make some sales to buy the M&P soaps and ingredients that I will use for making batches of soaps.

I want to buy the soap making book because I am planning to create my own soap recipe for my Natural Soap Category.

I am also planning to buy 4 more Lipstick mold so I can start making and posting the images of my lipstick. I have some requests for lipstick so I can't wait until we move and start working on my lipstick. And in the very near future, I wanted to buy about 12 lipstick mold or more to sell on my webstore.

For the meantime, I am having so much fun making soaps lately. This is worthy hobby where you can make money at the same time. I used to think that I choose the wrong products to sell online, but guess what? I found a rewarding hobby from this business.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am Sick For Work

I am sick. A terrible cold and headache so I decided not to go to work tonight and take a lot of rest. I don't know why and where did I get this from. I have a good rest and sleep last week compare to other weeks. I must have caught this from someone, somewhere!!!

Oh well, I am still having this terrible headache, so I will take more rest. I need to ship two orders tomorrow and I have an appointment with my massage therapist. I hope that after the massage, I will feel a lot better.

I will take this opportunity to do some work at home. I have so many house work undone because of the overtime. I will also do some packing for some of my things for the moving.

I can't wait until we move so I can start making the basement all for my products and business. I realized that there is only few manufacturer in Canada for Mineral Makeup and Soaps that have a website. And this made me more inspired to work harder for this business.