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Friday, February 12, 2010

Make Your Daliy Life Worthy

It's very obvious, it's not only her but most of them have been following some of my blogs.Well, thank you for taking your time to follow my life. Enjoy reading and wish me luck for all my endeavors. I just wish that all of you will just be happy for me. As you see, most of the things that you can read on my blogs are all about my dreams, wishes and hopes.

My journey in making money online has been part of my everyday life. There are ups and downs but so far, my new endeavors as an online merchants have given me a big window to make my wishes, dreams and hopes to come into reality.

I just wish you can be happy for me. But the more I realized how some of you have been wasting your time to read my life, the more you are hating me. Why? Are my daily journey of learning new things bother you? Am I disturbing your life? Did I tell you to waste your time reading my blogs?

Or are you just simply afraid to admit that I am good on something. That I am better than you. Than I am not wasting my time like you, in reading and judging someone's life rather than focusing on your life into more worthy things to do. Make your daily life worth living. Make good on something instead of judging my life!!!

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