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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Money For The Marketing Of Products and Services

Thank God, for one big order that I have been waiting before this month end. God heard my prayers and I now have the money to start the blog advertising for my website.

I'm actually done setting up an advertiser's account with two blog advertising company. I am just waiting for the money to start the campaign and start the ball rolling.

This ia what I've been talking about on my other blog. Starting a business is not a joke. You have to have specific goal and keep your mind focus on that goal. Keep working hard and continue learning how to achieve that goal.

Any diploma or certificate will never be enough to have the FULL KNOWLEDGE that you need in running your business to success. EXPERIENCE is the best knowledge on every type of business in this world. AND LIKE WHAT I'VE SAID..... BEST EXPERIENCE NEVER HAPPEN OVER NIGHT!!! It takes time and a lot of work.

Yes, I have been receiving orders and the money that I am getting from my business doesn't go all directly into my pocket.... YET!!... It goes to the improvement of my products and services through customer's demand.

And now, I am spending some of the money I am earning, for the online marketing or online advertising campaign of my webstore to gain more authority on major Search Engines to get qualified visitors for my products.

When we move to Mississauga, I will start saving money to start the offline advertising of my products.

Now you know my friends, why I can not quit my job YET!!!!!! It's not yet time and it's NOT a smart thing to do!!! And I AM SMART!!! lols..

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