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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pray The Rosary With Me

I feel sad just thinking about that the Blessed Virgin Mary Statue will be taken by someone tomorrow. I will get her again when we move to Mississauga.

She inspired me to regularly pray the rosary again and I will try my best to do this everyday before I do anything when I get home from work. It just gives me peace of mind.

It's been so many years since I regularly pray the rosary. That was when I was an active member of Legion Of Mary. Many years has passed and praying the rosary just skipped my mind. I guess this is just her way to remind me to start praying the rosary again.

So why don't you just pray the rosary instead of trying to find something that should be out of your business. Praying the rosary might be more worthy of doing than snooping around someone's mind.

Pray the Rosary with me my friends. Heal your heart with so much jealousy, ego, pride, envy etc. Pride on who is beautiful, great, nice, etc.. Ego on who is better than the other.

No matter what you do, there will always something that me and you will have and will not have. Judging me is like judging yourself!! Look at your mess before looking on mine. Pray the rosary and LET US ASK for forgiveness. Not from me or you BUT from GOD!!!

Look at yourself first before saying, this is hypocrisy. Because only God will know what is really inside us.

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