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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hobby For Business

My paypal account is empty. I transfer all my online stores savings to my bank account because I need to add that money to our account before the closing day. I have to make more sales before the moving because I am planning to buy the wooden soap mold I will use for my soaping hobby and business.

It will take 2 to 3 weeks before I receive the wooden soap mold, so I hope that within that week, I will be able to make some sales to buy the M&P soaps and ingredients that I will use for making batches of soaps.

I want to buy the soap making book because I am planning to create my own soap recipe for my Natural Soap Category.

I am also planning to buy 4 more Lipstick mold so I can start making and posting the images of my lipstick. I have some requests for lipstick so I can't wait until we move and start working on my lipstick. And in the very near future, I wanted to buy about 12 lipstick mold or more to sell on my webstore.

For the meantime, I am having so much fun making soaps lately. This is worthy hobby where you can make money at the same time. I used to think that I choose the wrong products to sell online, but guess what? I found a rewarding hobby from this business.

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