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Monday, August 25, 2014

Mocking Me

I just find it so interesting when I know within me that I really don't care about anybody on that place, yet an insecure woman can still see me... The funniest thing is when I heard her mock me,, hahhahah!!! I know it's me but I know what it means!!!! Hate!! Hate for nothing!!! Smiling at me and hating me behind my back, hahhaha!!! What a shame!!

I don't think I can give a nice smile to someone I hate, but she does!!! Isn't that a suffering??? And why does she Hate me?? It's probably because she can see something in me that she don't have, or she probably have, but hate to see in me.. waaahahahahah... My back is STRAIGHT!!! My spinal cord is STRAIGHT!!! hahahha!!!

I just go there to do my thing, and go home..

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