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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Message

Every Sunday, as soon as we get home after the mass I blog whatever I learned from the sermon.
Luke 16:19-31
" Jesus told this parables to those among pharises who loved money".
All the things that we have are gifts from God. Those gifts can do bad or good to us if we will not handle them the way we should, as God wanted us to. By listening to God's messages, we will know and learn how to handle them. Are we too busy to go out to reach out for people who are in need? Do we care only for ourselves?.... Those are the questions that we should ask ourselves to know if we are taking good care of what God has given to us.

I was hit by the sermon somewhere because I seldom go out of the house to reach out for other people and know who are in need. Well I guess people around me are too busy too. I am doing blogs so I guess this is just one way of reaching out to people who are in need and sharing everything that I can with hope that somehow it can help someone.
I visited talksmart a couple of times today and I was surprise to see that I am getting some votes. I haven't told any of my non-blogger friends about this nomination and I am very very thankful for those who voted and will vote for me. Reading all the blogs of other nominees, well what can I say.... I feel like I cannot compete with any of these smart bloggers above and below my name mydaysinmymind . Being nominated and knowing that I will have more readers than the usual, is already a big price for me. But then again I will still continue inviting all of my readers to come visit http://salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com and vote for my blog mydaysinmymind...

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